Supporting Emerging and Established Artists Worldwide. Awards at Joya 2018

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Published: 16.10.2018
Supporting Emerging and Established Artists Worldwide. Awards at Joya 2018.
Carolin Denter
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During the JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair 2018, 6 Awards have been given: The first edition of the JOYA WORTH Award, the Enjoia´t 2018 Award in collaboration with the first edition of the MISUI Award, the Alchimia Student Award, the Autor Award, and the Dterra Award.
1st edition of JOYA – WORTH Award given to Sara Barbanti from Italy during the JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair 2018, from 4th to 9th October.
In each edition, the Jury of JOYA rewards an individual artist. The prize is the opportunity to become the face of the next edition of JOYA and their piece of art jewellery will be promoted in the media through the JOYA organizations. On its 10th anniversary, JOYA Barcelona acknowledged the effort and work of the artists taking part, by honoring one selected participant with a grant of 10.000€ to undertake new artistic projects. Sara Barbanti, formerly awarded by Klimt02 at Gioielli in Fermento, presented her Origins collection at the fair. All presented pieces were mainly made of wood, charcoal, gold, and other precious metals.

Her research is based on the relationship between different materials, on how they can converse with and enhance each other. She says about her work: The contrast is essential, organic shapes combined with simple figures, poor materials with precious ones, light with darkness. Creating a suggestion in the observer without using figurative elements provokes a wider range of possibilities and reflections. For this reason, the creative process becomes extremely important, the spontaneity of the form and the composition are fundamental, the imperfection becomes a strength and the fragment infuses a feeling of completeness.

She was selected for the clear and strong language in her pieces and the poetic approach of her material research.

Sara Barbanti, Necklace: Sections, 2018, Vine charcoal, silver, Photo by: Paolo Terzi

The 2018 ENJOIA’T Awards were concluded by awarding the Korean jeweller Najin Lee in the professional category, and Gabriela Baca in the student category. The twenty-one semi-finalists of the prize presented their works throughout the afternoon to the jury, which in this 24th edition consisted of Ramon Puig Cuyàs, jeweller; Xavier Domenech, jeweller; Charon Kransen, jeweller; Susana Solano, artist; and Enric Majoral, jeweller.  ENJOIA'T is a celebration of creativity, an indispensable meeting point for professionals in the sector, and a platform. ENJOAI'T rewards originality, technical quality, conceptual richness and transgression in the field of jewellery making in two categories: The Professional Award and the Student Award.
Besides, the two not award-winning finalists of each category, professional and student, receive an honorable mention at the award ceremony. Finally, the audience can vote for an additional prize, the Opinion Award which is given to one of the finalists with the most public voices. The jury has decided to award the following prizes:

Enjoia't Professional Award 2018: Najin Lee

Enjoiat Professional Award winner Najin Lee with her work "The tree said, I have always been here"

Enjoia't Student Award 2018: Gabriela Baca

Student Award 2018 winner Gabriela Baca with her project "No 20100"

All visitors at the Enjoia´t Party had the possibility to talk with the 16 semi-finalists who wore their own Jewellery during the night. After the visitors were clear about their favorite work, they could vote in an urn. The result of the public votes finally coincided with that of the jury, and the third award was selected as:

Enjoia't Opinion Award 2018: Mar Juan Tortosa

The "Hybrid" work of the Opinion Award winner is body extensions which are composed of mobile brass scales, which expand the last layer of the epidermis composed of small scales of lifeless skin, fragile in its unity and strong and protective as a whole.

Next to the award at Enjoia´t, the Jury gave some honorable mentions to the Finalists of each category:

Enjoia't First Professional Finalist 2018: Snem Yildirim

Snem Yildrims honored work is called "Self-portrait"

Enjoia't Second Professional Finalist 2018: Jeemin Jamie Chung

Jeemin Jamie Chungs honored work "Subtle breeze No.1"

Enjoia't First finalist Student 2018: Authentic Manufacturing Xan, M.A.X.

First Student finalist Juan José Ibánez with his project "Philips HP1119, Disco edition"

Enjoia't Second finalist Student 2018: Paula Chacartegui

The second student finalist designed with her "Kama" collection five pieces of sexual jewelry, the function of each is to improve sexual health to reach a physical as well as mental well-being.

MISUI Award 2018 Winner Konstanze Prechtl.
The 1st edition of the MISUI Award was part of the prestigious ENJOIA’T Contemporary Jewelry Award ceremony. ENJOIA’T  is an open call that has taken place every year since 1994 and prizes remarkable, contemporary jewelry creations. New at this year’s open call for ENJOIA’T, was the possibility to register as well for the “ MISUI Award”. MISUI , from Barcelona, is a jewellers brand that works with its artists Marc Monzó, Estela Guitart , Noon Passama, Marta Boan, Norman Vilalta, Cristina de Prada and Nina Pawlowsky in order to develop innovative projects. The main goal of the Award has been, to award a certain aesthetic or a particular language in Jewellery, rather than a special piece or collection.

The awarded prize consists of the production of a jewel with the creative direction of the brand including the MISUI technicians and specialists. The awarded designer will have the freedom to create and imagine a piece of Jewellery which will be manufactured in the best possible quality. Production costs (materials, tools, and travels) will be incurred by MISUI. The final piece will be exhibited in October 2019 at the MISUI showroom space.

The jury, formed by Marc Monzó, jeweller and creative director of MISUI ; Estela Guitart, jeweller and author of MISUI , and the industrial designer Mario Ruiz, has decided that the winner of the MISUI Prize will be the Austrian jeweller Konstanze Prechtl with her work Funfan Carousel. The jury, which awarded the prize this Saturday 6th of October in a ceremony held in the Disseny HUB building in Barcelona, has valued the work of the winner "for her fresh language packed with innocence, a proposal that leaves room for free interpretation of the audience. The balance between the strength of the colours and the simplicity of the forms was considered particularly interesting, as was the commitment to all the parts of the piece, the work on the whole of the jewel".

For Konstanze Prechtl, color plays an important role, it triggers memories, as a smell can do. For her, certain colors are connected to a person or an experience. "I collect color combinations, just as other people collect stones, flowers or other small objects.

Konstanze Prechtl, Necklace: Funfan Carousel, 2018,
printed linen, painted wood, dyed cotton, stainless steel

Award winner Konstanze Prechtl with the Jury.

Autor Award at Joya 2018 Winner Lee Nam-Kyung.
During the 10th edition of JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects Fair 2018, Nam-Kyung Lee was honored with the Autor Award.
AUTOR is the only contemporary and art jewelry fair in South-East Europe and welcomes each year over 80 international designers. The Fair offers the opportunity to see and buy a curated selection of contemporary and art jewelry. Chosen by Dan Piersinaru, founder of AUTOR, this year's selected artist is Nam-Kyung Lee.  She will have a free of charge participation in the following edition of AUTOR fair (April 2019) and one-year promotion in AUTOR´s media channels.

The criteria for selecting the final winner was, the coherent concept of the collection, the execution of the jewelry pieces, and last but not least, the way the collection will match with the AUTOR Fair target audience, in order to create the proper context for the winner, who will come to Bucharest in 2019

Nam–Kyung Lee creates pieces which remind of windows. She investigates the relationship between places and memories, using photographs, transparent materials such as stones and glass but as well as metals in different shapes and ornaments. Abstracted memories from the past are implied by old silhouettes of images, faded film photos, and pale colors. The scenes within the Jewellery, with their windows and interior spaces, are not only literal depictions; they exist as a kind of treasure chest containing belongings which symbolize the precious.

Nam–Kyung Lees works speak from unbearable lightness.

Alchimia Student Award at JOYA 2018 awarded to Lindy McSwan.
Alchimia School of Contemporary Jewellery celebrates during JOYA 2018 the seventh edition of the Alchimia Award, a tribute to the new faces in the world of contemporary jewellery. This award, consisting of a two-week intensive course at Alchimia School in Florence, was given to one of the promising young students from the Selected Schools that participated in this year's edition of JOYA. This year´s winner is Lindy McSwan from RMIT Australia.

Lindy McSwan completed a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Honours, in Object-Based Practice – Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT University in 2014. She received the Craft Victoria, Fresh! Sofitel on Collins Award in 2012, and in 2015, an Australia Council for the Arts, ArtStart Grant. Lindy participated in a number of exhibitions national and international during her career. Lindy’s current practice primarily focuses on the vessel. Having opportunities to travel remotely, she has developed collections of work interpreting aesthetics unique to the Australian landscape. She expresses notions of the sublime in these remote places where harsh extremes in weather sculpt the landscape. Her work reflects on both the wider panorama of the landscape and close observation of surface and detail from a macro view. In 2017 she was an artist in Residence at Bundanon. She worked towards developing work in response to the Shoalhaven River and surrounding landscape.

The Winners of the Autor Award, Joya-Worth Award and the Alchimia Student Award at the stage with some jury members and Paulo Ribeiro founder of JOYA.

Premi de Residéncia DTerra  d'Objectes Artesanals awarded to Paula Arellano.
The Dterra Award was born out of our continuing commitment to supporting and promoting contemporary arts and crafts. It is aimed at students of all ages and nationalities who are exploring new ways of using, modifying and applying different materials in an innovative but crafted way. The winner received two weeks of artistic residence that includes accommodation, use of workshop and tutorials in our jewelry and ceramics space in Sant Cugat. In the Jury are the founders of Dterra Gallery: Laura Jener and Roberta Ferreira.

The winner of this years DTERRA Crafted Jewellery & Objects Residence, Paula Arellano, is a student at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. She works in contemporary jewellery but also in characterization which, in some way, makes her creations an almost poetical and imaginary element. In this occasion Paula presents the collection Bloqueig a series of jewels and delicate necklaces worked where texture, folds and volumes are the main languages of the artist. Elements such as acrylic paint, canvas, resin, thread, alpaca, rope, Japanese paper are giving life to this collection of the artist Paula Arellano. Laura and Robertra selected her for her playful treatment of the materials she used.

The winner's pieces are voluminous and structured from the layering work with ceramics, textiles and colours.

About the author

Carolin Denter completed her training as Goldsmith at Master School for Craftsmen in Kaiserslautern in 2013. In 2015 she made an Internship at Klimt02, where she is working since 2016 as Content Manager. In 2017 she graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Gemstone and Jewellery at University of Applied Science Trier, Campus Idar-Oberstein. After her graduation, she started working part-time as Marketing and Design management Assistance at Campus Idar-Oberstein in the Gemstone and Jewellery Departement.