Tiaan Beukes: Stellenbosch University. Selected Graduate 2018

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Published: 24.09.2018
Tiaan Beukes. Body piece: 2E+3E=18, 2017. Reclaimed Imbuia wood, leather, copper.. 120 x 25 x 3 cm. Photo by: Hjalmar Bekker. From series: Object(s). Tiaan Beukes
Body piece: 2E+3E=18, 2017
Reclaimed Imbuia wood, leather, copper.
120 x 25 x 3 cm
Photo by: Hjalmar Bekker
From series: Object(s)
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Tiaan Beukes’ work challenges the way we view and interact with objects. By creating a chair that disseminates into a variety of jewellery pieces, he challenges wearability, functionality and value in an innovative way. /Joani Groenewald