TRIPLE PARADE 2018 Selection Announcement for the Core Section

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Published: 09.05.2018
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The 4th TRIPLE PARADE Biennial for Contemporary Jewellery will hold in Shanghai from 19th of October 2018 to 6th of January 2019. The selected artist list based on open call is released for the core exhibition.

TRIPLE PARADE Biennial, a prestigious international exhibition event holds the success spirit and high qualified soul as a good mediator between East and West, it consisting of four sections: Core Section (by Open Call), Country Section (by Invitation), Gallery Section (by Invitation), Fine Artist Jewellery Section (by Invitation).

Based on the "Open Call" within two months for the "Core Section" selection, appreciated 446 applications reached us in total from 23 countries. The decision has been made difficulty based on the balance of evaluation criteria: 1.Concept & Method. 2. Artistic Quality. 3. Design & Innovation (in the sense that it updates tradition of jewellery). 4. Innovative on Material and Others. 5.Craftsmanship.

The TRIPLE PARADE Biennial is an international exhibition event holds the success spirit and high qualified soul as a good mediator between East and West, which is expanded between China and the rest of the world on a multitude of level. From the very start is devoted to the hardcore awakening in contemporary art, applied arts and design from a jewellery perspective, with a focus on dialogue, naturally, but with a very open and contemporary-oriented approach. And, it also stands at the forefront of representation and promotion of collaborative partners, artists &designers, new contemporary ideas, thoughts and knowledge in all its specific sectors. TP Biennial embraced the aspirations in a great ambitious, setting up an intensive program consisting of exhibition, publication, workshop, conference, lectures.

Honorable 89 artists and designers has been selected to take part of 4th TRIPLE PARADE Biennial "Core Section” :

The selected artists for the core exhibtiion at TP2018.

Host: HOW ART MUSEUM, Shanghai
Duration: 19th/OCT/2018 - 6th/JAN/2019
Organized by: TRIPLE PARADE Biennial Organizing Committee (TPBOC), HOW Art Museum Shanghai, New Center of Contemporary Jewellery of Fashion Culture (NoCC),  College of Design and Innovation (D&I) / Tongji University.
Tongji University D&I:
Coordinator:  Lucas LIU