Ukrainian Jewelry Design at Romanian Jewelry Week 3.0

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Published: 30.09.2022
Ukrainian Jewelry Design at Romanian Jewelry Week 3.0.
Alexandra Bujenita
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Romanian Jewelry Week supports and creates a special section dedicated to Ukrainian jewelry designers to be part of the global effort to stand with Ukraine in these hard times. Here are the Ukrainian designers participating in Romanian Jewelry Week 3.0. 
Iuliia Rudenok
She is an Ukrainian jeweler, artist, sculptor and have been in the jewelry business for 10 years and have taken part at all stages of creation. She has a passion for hiking, climbing, and trail running. That is why there are so many themes of nature and outdoor activities in her jewelry. 

- ROJW 3.0 Collection Concept
Interaction between Man and Nature. Testing the strength of your spirit when getting to the next summit, the strength of your endurance at every km of the trail, patience and diligence while climbing... And relax, watching the shooting stars in the night sky in the mountains after that! My jewelry reminds people about their achievements and freedom, their strength and goals. As well as the need to enjoy every moment of our lives.

Kalita Jewel
Kalita Jewel is Igor, and he has been in the jewelry business since 1996.
It is important for him to do what he likes, and creativity and creating jewelry brings him pleasure and excitement, therefore all collections are timeless and non-seasonal, he does not chase trends or mass produce, only something special in limited quantities. 

- ROJW 3.0 Collection concept
The concept of the collection is the symbiosis of nature with female beauty. Metal takes the form of a living plant, filling everyday life and bustling with the colors of nature.

Kateryna Litvin
Having received three higher management degrees in different countries of Europe, she has never dared to study design. It was more like a cry of the soul, a break from work that she didn’t like and the desire for constant self-development.

Today she takes pleasure in every element of the workflow. She was fascinated by every step of the process: from choosing stones and creating designs in jewelry wax, to working with a drill and engraving my name on the product. The soul of a jeweler triumphs. It took her 10 long years of being immersed in the whirlpool of jobs that were uninspiring and against my calling, so that she could finally find herself – despite everything.
- ROJW 3.0 Collection concept

Litvin Art Jewelry was founded in December 2009 in Ukraine and in 2010 the brand was relocated to Germany. Litvin Art Jewelry is not just jewelry. It is a statement. The statement of a woman who is strong inside and yet feminine, who is elegant through her extravagance, open-minded and honours traditions. This jewelry is created for a woman who is not afraid to be imperfect, who creates her own life and does so every day. Litvin. True Art Jewelry. True You.

Over the past 10 years the brand has released more than 10 collections of jewelry. In our designs we combine natural stones, silver and high-quality materials. Most of our designs are unique and created in one go. We play with different textures and sizes while working with semi-precious stones. In our earrings, rings and necklaces you can find quartz, pyrites, carnelian, agates, amethysts, turquoise, geodes, pearls and others. Each stone is hand-picked across different European countries. All of them are one of a kind.

Logvin jewelry
Vadym Logvinenko got into the jewelry accidentally and felt that he could not leave. Creation by hand was exactly for him. He is inspired by pure timeless forms and ancient techniques of metalwork. Like the Korean technique ‘keumboo’, which requires a great flair from the artist - a sense of the moment when silver and gold are ready to unite. Kandinsky and his research of art laws deeply impressed him, as well as Johannes Itten and others of the Bauhaus Movement. He believes that in a world full of consumerism it is good to be surrounded by real things telling stories. That's why he put into his work the ideas that come from his insights and a turn to truthfulness.
- ROJW 3.0 Collection concept
SUNRISE collection reflects our personal feelings about the Sun and the moment of its rising. At this time we can easily feel joy and inspiration, as the Sun awakens everything existing. In Eastern philosophy, close to us, the Sun represents the Soul, the life force that allows us to exist. The manifestation of our true selves sets us apart from others. The black version of the collection is about dark times in our life and the hope we not only survive but become stronger and truer. The collection is presented as solar disks with a melted texture and handmade gilding, made in the technique of keumboo.

Natasa Litvin
Natasa Litvin is an artist and a goldsmith. She was born into a Ukrainian-Hungarian family, lives and works in Budapest.
- ROJW 3.0 Collection concept
FREEDOM: The Ukrainian soul and the Russian people are different, not the same, but the letters of the word "freedom" are the same: "свобода"(svoboda). Does that mean the same thing? How can we describe what has no letters? How can you live without a word? My mother was a journalist, she could not write the word "freedom". Being without freedom is a burden on the generations.
SAMSARA: The eternal cycle of existence appears in the object, body, soul, spirit.Our body is transitory and fragile, the silky vibrating, alive, cohesive force of our interwoven soul: existence.
METAMORPHOSIS: According to Heraclitus, "no man can step into the same river twice, because it is no longer the same, and he is no longer the same man." The rotation of the brooch lamellae arranged in a row assumes a repetitive and predictable movement algorithm. Change is caused by the human factor with its attitude and thinking. Over time, he can interpret the movement from a different perspective.

Lena Yastreb
She studied Graphic Design University in Kyiv and saw how her classmates were doing sketches for future jewelry, which was their side job, and she thought "how cool is that! it will live long! I want to do this thing". Her first significant jewel was a flagman ring from the Crescents collection.
- ROJW 3.0 Collection Concept

War Flowers collection is a tribute to the people of Ukraine.

Olena Levder
Olena Levder studied at the Lviv Academy of Arts. There she met a jeweler and was interested in what jewelry design she could make. Her first jewelry was made of silver and then combined with various materials. Her creative vision is the world around us that affects people. It all depends on the environment in which the human brain accumulates information and generally exists. She tried to synthesize it and in effect she produced a handmade product in the form of a jewelry.
- ROJW 3.0 Collection concept

War in Ukraine. Short and clear: "War" - pain, fear, maiming, death, cruelty, captivity, rockets, mines, tears, despair, darkness, explosions, wounded, orphans, devastation, hope for victory... the war that attacked my country.

Tetiana Chorna and Volodymyr Yarmusevich 
Tetiana Chorna and Volodymyr Yarmusevich are jewelers from Kyiv, Ukraine. Tetiana Chorna is an artist and architect. In 2010 she founded Tetiana Chorna jewelry brand. Volodymyr Yarmusevich is a jewelry restorer and founder. In 2016 he opened YARKO foundry in Kyiv. Tetiana Chorna and Volodymyr Yarmusevich started working together in 2017. They created several jewelry collections. Their joint projects combine oppositions: brutality and tenderness, traditionality and exclusivity, poetry and prose of being.
- ROJW 3.0 Collection Concept
MEMENTO VITAE. The first items of this collection emerged a few years ago, but back then we only felt what’s coming, but could not even distantly imagine its inner essence. Our mundane lives changed on February 24 with the start of full-scale war against Ukraine, and as we gradually overcame the firstborn feelings provoked by this catastrophe, we came to understand what lies beneath the image we created as an anticipation. Life leads the way, one has to learn to watch and listen.
“Memento vitae” is a story of Medusa Gorgon or maybe of prehistoric goddesses and amazons, that fell victims to the enemies’ swords, and yet kept living as symbols of resistance. This is a story of love and betrayal, of beauty and abuse, of curse and sufferings, and of redemption that follows the reconsideration of life values. Life goes in circles, and so does history. No fear and no regrets. Don’t be afraid to die, and live while you’re alive. This collection is created in collaboration with Volodymyr Yarmusevich, who is currently defending Ukraine on the battlefield.

is jewelry of European quality with a Ukrainian soul. Designer Katerina Samokish, the granddaughter of the famous Ukrainian artist Mykola Samokish, continues the family tradition and creates every jewelry as a piece of art with great love in every detail. The simple philosophy of the brand is to help women to emphasize her individuality. We do not dictate fashion, we only help every woman to reveal her true beauty and create her own style.

- ROJW 3.0 Collection concept:
FLOWER DREAMS. The war caught us when we were preparing this collection. It had to be as bright as ever, because we dream about peace and a clear sky for our country. The name of the collection is “Flower dreams” because the theme of flowers permeates the entire line of the collection. Specially created brooches in delicate colors and elements in earrings repeat the outlines of different flowers. We also use crosses and hearts, because they are beautiful, they are for truth and faith. The collection is filled with peace and not war, the desire to live the fullest life and love every day that God gives us. Our identity is a mix of semi-precious stones and Italian chains. We use our own author's elements in gilding or silver.

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Vadym Logvinenko. Ring: Cardamon, 2022.  Recycled sterling silver 925.. Vadym Logvinenko
Ring: Cardamon, 2022
 Recycled sterling silver 925.
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Lena Yastreb. Ring: Crescents, 2022. Yellow gold with bevelled edges.. Lena Yastreb
Ring: Crescents, 2022
Yellow gold with bevelled edges.
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Olena Levder. Brooch: Kiss, 2022. Ceramics, porcelain, enamel.. Self-portrait.. Olena Levder
Brooch: Kiss, 2022
Ceramics, porcelain, enamel.
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