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Published: 22.05.2022
Schneider-Rappel Goldschmiede
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Arno and Lea Schneider..
Arno and Lea Schneider.

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It’s been a tough year for (all of) us, I guess. And since we, me Lea and my family’s atelier Schneider-Rappel, joined this platform, we have been incredibly busy. Busy figuring out life in times of a pandemic, in times that have shaken us up, that have been rough, and at the same time incredibly inspiring and firing. These times made us go deeper than ever, finding out who we are and embracing our roots even more.
These roots are the craft, the conscious approach to life and work, to our surroundings, our inner world, our fellow humans around us, and afar. These intense times showed us how overdue it is to rethink the way we spend our precious lifetime on this planet, what our role in this connected universe is and what we want it to be. We decided that we want to be honest, to be gentle, to be one-of-a-kind, to be authentic, and reliable, to be just who we are in the best way we can and this is by creating our dearest pieces of jewelry and art and connecting them with humans, celebrating the relationships that we have through sharing this passion of ours and extending it through finally opening up to the online sphere.

You must know we are pretty old school in many ways since our atelier exists already for 145 years and actually a lot has changed but also not. Not only that we are literally handcrafting every piece in our atelier but also our ways of communication have been very analogue so far.
Through the merge of the 4th and 5th generations, it was a natural move to go online and we do enjoy the new connections a lot. Nevertheless, as mentioned above it was a lot going on, and quite some time has passed since we let hear from us. This is the first of many updates we would like to give you because we are so excited about what is coming up.

It’s about exhibitions, that should have happened but were postponed to 2022 and opportunities that opened up on the way to what seemed at first like misfortune and turned out as the best thing ever happening. Just to give you slightly the feeling of how we feel because also feelings have played one of the most important roles and were the driving forces this past year in business and still are.
As we know that klimt02 is doing this amazing job of connecting us all, we wanted to share some highlights from this year.
We have touched grounds in Portugal and fell totally in love with this beautiful country and its lovely people, we cocreated and captured this journey on the camera as you can see in the follow-up. We applied for the Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam and got accepted and are enjoying the warm welcome by Astrid Berens and her team that keeps on motivating us. You can also see some of the creations that we have chosen to show in Amsterdam below. Also, we were about to head to Milano and show some of our favourite creations at the Milano Jewelry Week but plans changed. The same cancellation of plans relates to our annual Japan trip, where we exhibit in various galleries for almost 35 years. And also in this case we have some new creations that would have been showcased and you can see them below.

All in all it’s a good year, turbulent, but full of experiences and connections from the heart that make us go further and beyond. Stay tuned for more insights. We will try to catch up a not too long time ahead from now.
Yours truly,
Lea, Arno, Anke, Evi, Susi, Gebi, David
Lea Schneider, Collier, 2021. Amber, gold..
Lea Schneider, Collier, 2021. Amber, gold.

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Lea Schneider, Collier, 2021. Aquamarine, gold..
Lea Schneider, Collier, 2021. Aquamarine, gold.

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Arno Schneider, Collier, 2021. Malachite, rubber, gold..
Arno Schneider, Collier, 2021. Malachite, rubber, gold.

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Arno Schneider, 2021. Necklace, Gold, diamonds..
Arno Schneider, 2021. Necklace, Gold, diamonds.

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