Walking around in the Munich Jewellery Week 2015

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Published: 25.03.2015
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Estonian artist Urmas Lüüs visiting the Schmuck 2015 showcases.
Estonian artist Urmas Lüüs visiting the Schmuck 2015 showcases

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So, one more Schmuck has come to an end. For us the period right before Schmuck is always very hectic with a peak in news updates related to the jewellery week in Munich.
This year we were also working on the new, improved lokator tool which was released in time for hunting down all the events of the Schmuck programme. The lokator is an easy tool to find what is happening in jewellery world close to you or in a specific area. This of course is not only applicable for Schmuck time, you can use it all year round. If you haven’t checked it out yet you can explore it here.
Our Munich trip this year was a good experience and we enjoyed meeting many new and old friends and visiting selected events. This year’s satellite program was the most extensive one yet. A quick look back in the Klimt02 archives of news updates made in relation to Schmuck and the development is evident. In 2006 the list of selected events related Schmuck and Talente presented on Klimt02 counted up to a modest 12. In 2010 the number of events increased to 32. Schmuck 2012 had 57 events on the programme, jumping up to 85 last year, and now in 2015 Klimt02 shared news about over 90 events.  
A lot of people we met exclaimed “This is exhausting! There are too much to see!”
A luxurious dilemma for any jewellery enthusiast, although true in the sense that it was impossible to see everything on the programme. Quality is also naturally varying in this vast assortment of exhibitions, artists and projects. It will be interesting to see how Schmuck and the Jewellery Week will develop in the years to come. Here are some of our highlights from 2015:


Lux is the dealer at Kunstpavilion. Alexander Blank, Kiko Gianocca, Melanie Isverding, Jiro Kamata, Noon Passama and Stefan Heuser made it very clear that there is no problem for jewellery to rule the atmosphere of a grand hall. For the Kunstpavillon, normally housing fine art exhibitions, this was a first but surely not the last, jewellery event. New and older pieces by the artists played along each other in a tempting display.

Brooches by Melanie Isverding
Necklace by Noon Passama

Hibernate at 84 GhZ. Helena Lehtinen, Eija Mustonen and Tarja Tuupanen got together as Hibernate in 1999 but in the recent years the group has been hibernating. To get things rolling again the artists started a new project called Craft and Tradition where they reacted on each other’s explorations, resulting in 36 pieces of research in a playful display. The consequences of the exercise stood out as powerful work, showing that the group is definitely wide awake.

Consequence exhibition display

Tarja Tuupanen

Helen Britton - Heller Wahnsinn.
Drawn in by the new works of Helen Britton at the Ingo Maurer Showroom.

Helen Britton

Helen Britton

Spektrum presented an overview of Marianne Schliwinski’s work from half a decade in the window case to go along with the release of new book Jenseits der Bücherwand/Beyond the wall of books. Klimt02 made an exclusive interview with the artist that will be presented in the Klimt02 Forum shortly. In the gallery Attai Chen’s fascinating works of Terra Mutantica was on display.

Attai Chen at Spektrum

Attai Chen at Spektrum

Answering Pravu. This event in the outskirts of Munich offered a refreshing break from the traditional displays. A group consisting of artists David Clarke, Fredrik Ingemansson, Henrik Brandt, Karen Pontoppidan, Magnus Liljedahl, Miro Sazdic and Tobias Birgersson were in dialog with philosopher Pravu Mazumdar about the meaning and boundaries of Corpus. Visitors were invited to a pop-up café in Karen Pontoppidan’s studio to participate in the conversation and add to the research over coffee and cake.

Magnus Liljedahl

Object "Doodle" by Henrik Brandt

Part of display, Answering Pravu

It was a pleasure to see you all - hope to meet again next year!