Xin Liu. Pforzheim University School of Design. Selected Graduate 2019

Published: 11.09.2019
Xin Liu. Object: Untitled, 2019. 935 silver.. 10.8 x 19 x 22.2 cm. Photo by: Petra Jaschke. Xin Liu
Object: Untitled, 2019
935 silver.
10.8 x 19 x 22.2 cm
Photo by: Petra Jaschke
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Xin Liu has developed a technique that while inspired by the layering process of 3D printing, wholly celebrates handcraft. Through the painstaking connection of small individual elements, his forms grow organically in layers that create overlapping volumes, shapes within shapes and envelope gems within their structure. The transparency of the forms coupled with the almost pointillistic impression of the accumulating small elements lend the pieces a visual ephemeralness, while achieving physical robustness. They exude an enchantment that draws us in and astounds on every level of perception.
/ Professor Christine Lüdeke