Invisible Wall

Exhibition  /  Schmuck - MJW 2016  /  24 Feb 2016  -  28 Feb 2016
Published: 29.01.2016

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The Wall of Thought protects each of us from our fears: Fears which may come from influences, stories, events in our lives.
These fears are the building blocks of the invisible wall in our minds. The project 'Invisible Wall' is created by a group of artists from different countries. Each artist tells their own Invisible-story, sharing the invisible-space of their own experiences and pushing the boundaries of the limitation of thought; creating a remarkable free territory, with no border, no division and no rules.

Opening: Wednesday 24 February at 18h - Open End


Wed 15:00 - 19:00h
Thu 10:00 - 20:00h
Fri, Sat 10:00 - 18:00h
Sun 10:00 - 14:00h
Patrícia Domingues. Brooch: Geographic& Imagination, 2015. Necuron, steel. Patrícia Domingues
Brooch: Geographic& Imagination, 2015
Necuron, steel
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Jo Pond. Brooch: Temptation, 2015. Reparposed steel, silver, cotton, bead. Jo Pond
Brooch: Temptation, 2015
Reparposed steel, silver, cotton, bead
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Deborah Rudolph. Necklace: Granit, 2015. Granit, string, silver. Deborah Rudolph
Necklace: Granit, 2015
Granit, string, silver
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Jing He. Photograph: Potential Pin, 2014. Print on Dibond. Jing He
Photograph: Potential Pin, 2014
Print on Dibond
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Lisa Kröber. Necklace: Broken walls, 2015. Silver, corian. Lisa Kröber
Necklace: Broken walls, 2015
Silver, corian
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Panjapol Kulpapangkorn. Brooch: WP 03, 2016. Whipha`s object, wood,  plastic. Panjapol Kulpapangkorn
Brooch: WP 03, 2016
Whipha`s object, wood,  plastic
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