to make you

Exhibition  /  Schmuck - MJW 2016  /  23 Feb 2016  -  16 Mar 2016
Published: 12.02.2016

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For the exhibition the artists choose an unusual way of displaying their jewellery, appearing almost weightless, hanging from the sealing. Themed are ugliness, habits and standards trough the transforming of the found object. Choosing different materials show the contrast between the personal and the ordinary.

Artist list

Anne Hein, Anna Jarczyk, Ulrike Kleine-Behnke, Sarah Powell, Susanne Weyand, Jing Yang
Six Women, two glass Artists, four Jewelers.

Opening: 23 Feb. at 19:00h
Artist Talk: 28 Feb. at 17:00h
Finissage: 19. March from 19:00h including the presentation of a Catalogue.


Tuesday - Saturday: from 13.00 to 19.00h
Extra hours available during Munich Jewellery Week: 28 - 29 Feb. from 13:00 to 19:00h