Zorya by Daniel Pošta & Zdenek Vacek

Exhibition  /  08 Feb 2016  -  20 Feb 2016
Published: 08.02.2016

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Platina has for the Stockholm Designweek 2016 in conjunction with the Czech Centre in Stockholm, invited ZORYA, the design duo Daniel Pošta & Zdenek Vacek. For this special event, their successful collection "Virus" will be shown.

Artist list

Daniel Pošta, Zdenek Vacek
The thought behind the Virus collection, they say, begins with torn-off ropes from ships and the passage of time. Time is a creator if it is given a chance and the salt from the sea can change ropes beyond recognition. Together in the laboratory, Daniel Pošta and Zdenek Vacek, have succeeded to let crystals replicate like viruses on ropes and the transformation has resulted in magic jewellery.

Both Daniel Pošta and Zdenek Vacek, work in the broader arts and design fields. In addition to jewellery they also design objects and do works which can be seen as fine art. 
Daniel Pošta studied architecture and design in the studio of Jirí Pelcl at the Prague Academy of Art, Architecture and Design. The essential experience for him was the research fellowship in the studio of Makkink & Bey in the Netherlands. Zdenek Vacek is a trained goldsmith and jeweller and he transforms metal into organic shapes. By working with luxurious antique jewellery he simultaneously developed his own independent career and presented his first jewellery collection at the festival "Designblok" in 2005 where it earned him the award of Talent of the Year. At this time, his cooperation with Daniel Pošta started. Several years of cooperation and presentations in Europe, America and Asia resulted in the decision to establish together the brand ZORYA in 2011. In the same year, Vacek and Pošta received the prestigious Czech Grand Design award. 

Opening: Wednesday 10 January 2016 - 17 - 19h