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Melting Point 2016

Meeting  /  21 Apr 2016  -  24 Apr 2016
Published: 12.04.2016

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April marks a new event in the contemporary jewellery calendar in Valencia - the third edition of our international biennale. It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to join us again; visit the planned exhibitions; participate in the arranged activities and conferences; as well as exchange ideas and engage in debate on the challenges faced by jewellery makers.
Melting Point 2016. Joieria Contemporània València.
The goal of the 2016 Melting Point is to offer an outlook of contemporary jewellery that is rich, replete with nuances and showcases the plurality of options and approaches that is characteristic of the creativity of these first decades of the 21st century. In this spirit, the Gallería Tossal will host a tribute to Marianne Gassier, a passionate collector of avant-garde jewellery and a driving force for contemporary jewellery culture through her internationally renowned blog. A solo exhibition has also been prepared with the work of Estonian Tanel Veenre, whose pieces will be on show in the sumptuous rooms of the Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace. In addition, the Centre del Carme will be hosting the young creators section: Jorge Manilla, Edu Tarín (2016 Talent Award and former EASD student), participants in Invisible Wall and Página en blanco/Página em branco, as well as the show dedicated to Young Argentinian jewellers. That is by no means all. We also have: Akis Goumas, Gisbert Stach, Judy McCaig, Peter Bauhuis and Alchimias students, Tomas Palos, Imma Gibert, Manel G. Ramiro, José Marín, Eliana Negroni with Gioielli in Fermento, Juan Riusech and Alliages, Jordi Aparicio, Joyas Sensacionales and Anna Maria Staiano, among others.
We would like to offer our warm thanks to the institutions and individuals who have collaborated in this project:
Museo Nacional de Cerámica González Martí, Direcció General de Patrimoni Cultural, Centre del Carme, Regidoria de Cultura de l’Ajuntament de València, Centre d’Artesania Comunitat Valenciana, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Fuencisla Francés, Pepe March, Solar Corona, Fabrika12, Elisa Peris…
Finally, we would like to share with you all the fulfilment of one of the greatest challenges set by the EASD Valencia Jewellery Department: the introduction of a Jewellery Bachelor of Arts course in our college, the only one in Spain, taking us to the same level as other European countries. We are similarly working on a Master’s course that we hope will materialise shortly.



Friday 22 April
Promoters and Collectors view:

10h Marianne Gassier: Passion Bijou(x)
11.15h Juan Riusech : Proyecto Alliages
12.30h Eliana Negroni. Considerations on  a Themed Award.
(Followed by: Display Gioelli in Fermento)
Place: EASD València. Velluters Lecture Hall

Saturday 23 April
Artists view:

10h Tanel Veenre. Dealing with unknown.
11.15h Patricia Domingues. Fragmentation and Union
12.30h  Akis Goumas. The Prehistoric Craftsman of the Aegean Region.        
 Place: EASD València. Velluters Lecture Hall


Tuesday 19 April

Performance workshop given by: Alba Pérez Sánchez for EASD students.

Thursday 21 April 2016 at 14h
Performance by EASD Valencia students and Alba Pérez Sanchez (during “Las Joyas del Corona” opening)

Thursday 21 April - Saturday 23 April
The knife thrower. Action by Gisbert Stach.
Place: Solar Corona.  Calle la Corona, 16

Thursday 21 April from 18.30h to 19.30h​                                
Public presentation of  “Impure” and performance “ Transexpace - Galactic Revolt.  Anna Maria Staiano.
Joyas cruzadas (Crossed jewels). Action by “Viruthiers” and guests (Sunday at 12h-13h)
Place: IVAM Calle de Guillem de Castro, 118 
Performance given by EASD Valencia students during its opening.
Place: Centre del Carme. Calle del Museo, 2.

Saturday 23 April from 9h
Jewellery Experience. Only for Unique People. Workshop given by Akis Goumas and José Marín, with audience participation.



Thursday 21 April - Sunday 24 May
Passion Bijou(x). Marianne Gassier contemporary jewellery collection. 
Place: Galería Tossal Plaza del Tossal.

Thursday 21 April - Sunday 8 May, from 11h to 19h
There is nothing to be afraid. Jorge Manilla.   
Die Form. Edu Tarín
Invisible Wall. Patrícia Domingues, Lisa Kroeber, Deborah Rudolf, Jing He, Jo Pond, Panjapol Kulpapangkorn.
Sur o no Sur. Contemporary Jewellery from Argentina.  Ana Weisz, Elisa Gulminelli, Eva Burton, Gabriela Cohn, Jorge Castañon, Lucía  Brichta, Maria Carelli, Mercedes Castro, Patricia Rodriguez, Rodrigo Acosta, Sabina Tiemroth.
Página en blanco. (White page) Curators: Carlos Silva y Cata Gibert.Aida Cascant, Andrea Coderch, Auba Pont, Carlos Silva, Catalina Gilbert, Gabriela Coelho, Isabel Tristán, Joana Taurino, María Saura, Tânia Gil, Telma Simões, Valentim Quaresma
Astonish. Sharareh Aghai, Eva Burton, Gabriela Cohn, Helen Habtay, Saerom Kong, Stephanie Morawetz, Julia Obermaier, Katharina Reimann, Dana Seachuga  

Centro del Carmen, Calle del Museo, 2.

Thursday 21 April - Sunday 22 May
Opening: Thursday 21 April at 19h
The Name of the Rose. Tanel Veenre
Place: Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias, Salas nobles, Calle Poeta Querol, 2 

Thursday 21 April - Sunday 24 April
Gallery 1: The Alliages Legacy collection. Alliage Gallery’s collection   
Gallery 2: Between The Tides. Judy McCaig  Orfebres Peris Roca.
Place: Calle Bolseria,31.

A Common Language. Akis Goumas and José Marín.  
Thursday 21st from 16h to 21h
Friday 22nd from 16h to 21h
Saturday 23rd from 10.30 to 14h and from 16h to 21h
Place: Círculo de Bellas Artes. Calle Cardirers, 5

Masters of Spanish Contemporary Jewellery: Tomas Palos, Inma Gibert, Manel García Ramiro.
Place: Centro de Artesanía . Calle Hospital, 7

Cathexis. 4 students of the Estonian Academy of Arts
Opening 21st April at 21h
Friday 22nd from 11h to 14h and from 17h to 20.30h.
Saturday 23rd from 11h to 14h and from 17h to 20.30h.
Sunday 24th from 11h to 14h.
Place: Fabrika12 Calle  Marquez de Caro, Entrance Hall.

Stop Over.  Alchimia in Valencia. The class of Peter Bauhuis Aniya Dunkley, Deema Murad, Zhai Xihan, Lee Kwintner, Jelena Kostjuchenko, Anna Gayton,  Diana Pantea, Billur Altinordu, Dana Al Nafisi, Yip Hiu Tung, Sehnaz Erdal. 
Fabrika12 Calle  Marquez de CaroFactory building.

Catábasis. Jordi Aparicio  
Place: Fabrika12 Calle  Marquez de Caro, Fuencisla Francés’ Bunker.

Formation/ Formaciò/ Formación : 18 European Schools
Place: EASD Valencia Calle Pintor Domingo, 20  

En Singular. Joyas Sensacionales, coordinated by Silvia Walz Alicia Giráldez, Carla García, Clara Niubò, Carme Roher, Fátima Tocornal, Gemma Canal, Lola Gratacós, Lourdes Carmelo, Montse Basora, Nicole Deuster, Nuria Anguren, Silvia Casas, Xus Anglès, Judy McCaig, Sandra LLusà y Silvia Walz
Place: Pepe March’s workshop. Calle Mar Vella

Oro parece… (“Gold seems...”) María Caballero, Sara Díaz, Armando  Gascón, Verónica Nuñez, Ariadna Parreu, Marc Romero, Juanita Siera, Nikolay Vetoshkin, Lucrecia Zappegno.
Place: Galería Una Página en blanco. Calle Salinas, 12b 

Vicios privados, virtudes públicas.(Private vices, public virtues) Mae Alandes, Anabel Bravo, Laura Moreno, Myriam Moreno, Esperanza Pascual, Anna María Staiano.
Place: Galería Sessantanove. Calle Dr. Beltrán Bigorra 13.

XX. Mae Alandes, Anabel Bravo, Laura Moreno, Myriam Moreno, Esperanza Pascual
Place: Tresors Handmade. Calle Bolsería 13.  

Heart in Hand. Mar Juan Tortosa.
Place: Galería de Arte Paz y Comedias. Plaza Colegio del Patriarca, Nº 5

Al descubierto (Bring to light) Irene G. Barrera coordinadora. Silvia Casas, Noelia Sánchez, Violeta Torres, Belén Vassallo, Irene G. Barrera.
Place: Ca Revolta. Calle Santa Teresa, 10.

Muming. Patricia Sobrino.
Place: Calle Danzas, 3.

Kubelik. Tiziana Chiara. 
Place: Calle de los Derechos, 36.  

Madame Bugalú.  Reliquias de ultramar. (Relics from overseas) Rosa Borredá
Place: Calle de la Lonja, 6.

Friday 22 April - Sunday 24 April
Friday 22nd from 11h to 14h and 16h to 20.30h.
Saturday 23rd from 11h to 14h and 16.30h to 20.30h.
Sunday 24th  from 11h to 14h

Las Joyas del Corona. EASD Valencia students’ exhibition.  Marina Pons, Nana Vázquez, Julia Sánchez, Javier Escriche, Alesandra Albert, Victoria Miralles, Cristina Alises, Elena Izquierdo, Paula J. Yera, Teresa Tormo, Pino Font, MAX, Alma Vilchez, María Morant, Soraya Teruel, Marina Del Olmo, Candela Blasco, Laura Barreda, Aitana Blasco, Pilar Alcaide, Salvador Collado, Bea Ruiz, Ana Monleón, Esperanza Pascual, Dori Marín, Gemma López, Eva Perales, Azahara Santoro, Paula Ferrandis, Miryam Ocaña, Sapi Szilaggi, Laura Crovetto, Myriam Moreno, Lourdes Baines, Anna Mª Staiano, Elisa Peris, Laura Zamora, Jaume Verdés, Sue Ibars, Edu Tarín, Anabell Bravo.

Place: Solar Corona. Calle de la Corona, 16. il
Thursday 21 April  to Saturday 30 April
Monday to Saturday: 10 to 13h and 17 to 20h. Sunday: 11 to 13.30h
Joyedonia. Ana Cervera, Cristina Alises, Elena Izquierdo, Laura Salguero,  M.A.X., Paula Jiménez, Yera Pino, Sandra Salas, Teresa Tormo
Place: Galería Museo 5, Calle del Museo, 5.

Tuesday 19 April to Sunday 24 April
Monday to Saturday: 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00
Feeling for you. Eva Perales
Place: La niña de los Peines. Calle de Santo Tomás, 24 

Monday 18 April to Sunday 24 April
Monday to Saturday : 11h to 20h, Sunday: 12:00 to 15:30.
Vibrisas Azahara Santoro
Place: Sebastian Melmoth. Calle de Sant Ferran, 17.