Experimental Enamel Workshop by Danni Schwaag

Workshop  /  TechnicsMaking  /  08 Apr 2016  -  13 Apr 2016
Published: 24.02.2016
Danni Schwaag. Earrings: Blossom, 2013. Enamel,copper,plastic,silver. Danni Schwaag
Earrings: Blossom, 2013
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Enamel occurred in the background. Since some years it reappears into contemporary jewellery art and we should celebrate it!
In the middle of the 20th century enamel has been sliding into the field for hobby craftsperson.
Adult education classes have been offered to the general public. The new combination of genuine enamel art and a pretense of mastery in this field caused many people to distance themselves from enamel, especially among young artists.

I love the technique; to apply a fine crushed glass powder to copper (silver or gold) and to see how it burned in the kiln.  It is a great possibility to add colours to a piece (of jewellery). Enameling is like experimenting because you got often surprises when you open the kiln, accept that gift and enlarge your perception. Different techniques like powdering, painting and drawing with enamel will be shown in several steps.



Danni Schwaag

Dates and price

Session 1:  From 8th to 10th  April  2016.  10 to 17h.
Session 2:  From 11th to 13th April  2016, 10 to 17h.
Language: German, English and Turkish.
Course fee: 18 hours,  210 € plus materials.
Material: 40-€ for copper and enamel. Participants can work in silver if they bring it. 
Number of participants: Max. 6 for each session.

Danni Schwaag. Brooch: Flow, 2013. Enamel, copper, acrylic paint, steel, silver. From series: L'art pour l'art. Danni Schwaag
Brooch: Flow, 2013
Enamel, copper, acrylic paint, steel, silver
From series: L'art pour l'art
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Danni Schwaag. Necklace: Untitle, 2014. Enamel, copper, acrylic paint. From series: l'art pour l'art. Danni Schwaag
Necklace: Untitle, 2014
Enamel, copper, acrylic paint
From series: l'art pour l'art
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