Goldschmitte 2018 skyscraper.

1/1 by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata in Bratislava

Exhibition  /  TravellingExhibition  /  22 Sep 2018  -  04 Nov 2018
Published: 18.09.2018
1/1 by Jana Machatová and Peter Machata in Bratislava.
NOVA Gallery
Naďa Kančevová

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NOVA Gallery presents an exhibition of jewelry by artists Jana and Peter Machata. The exhibition is an accompanying event to conference Sperkstret 2018.
This couple, which have been cooperating personally as well as artistically for twenty years, form a stable creative team whose work is dedicated to the research of jewelry and its forms in contemporary visual art. Their works are comprised of special combinations of materials and forms and found objects that embody diverse formal and content contrasts. They combine traditional techniques and materials of jewelry making with new materials and their own experimental technologies. Although their approaches occasionally have conceptual baselines, the main focus is on craftsmanship and the formal refinement of objects.

Jana, who specialized in the study of
jewelry in the studio of Anton Cepka and Karol Weisslechner at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, draws inspiration from symbols of personal and societal cultural memory, and various visual, information and communication schemes, and she uses found objects, including family photographs, old newspapers and printed materials to bring their memory back to life. Her jewels sometimes balance on the edge of design and socio-culture; however, they approach the reflection of social themes playfully, with distance and humor.  
Peter, a trained sculptor who studied in the studio of Jozef Jankovič at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, rejects the strategies of classical sculpture as a “struggle with the material” as regards the medium of
jewelry. His work is proof of the fact that he can distinctively feel form and that modeling is natural for him. He focuses on the material, dimensions, quality and proportions of the individual parts of his works. He considers the reaction of the perceiver/wearer to be an important part of his jewelry and strives to develop analogies to social reality and the person living within it.
/ Naďa Kančevová (NOVA Gallery)

This project has been supported using public funds provided by Slovak Arts Council.

ŠperkStret 2018
The International Conference of Jewellery ŠperkStret 2018 focuses on the area of contemporary jewellery and the wider interdisciplinary dialogue. This year theme GOLD - AURA OF PRECIOUSNESS will present theoretical contributions of experts elaborating gold - the most precious shiny metal, the symbol of changelessness, eternity and perfection, along with artifacts and jewellery made of it. The conference and the accompanying exhibitions will introduce not only selected areas from the history of jewellery and craft and its current forms but also the socio-cultural context of gold in the face of several humane and socially oriented disciplines.
Gold in the tangible culture is, more than any other material, associated with the world of applied art - the world of jewellery. The conference ŠperkStret 2018 approaches gold as the initial theme of the conference through contributions of various international lecturers, different exhibition concepts and accompanying activities.
The evaluation of gold as a material, the most precious shiny metal, the symbol of immense, eternity and perfection also offers ways of analyzing socio-cultural contexts through a prism of various humane and socially oriented disciplines leading to basal processes of human perception and reasoning. Gold is attractive for people who create different artifacts from it, as well as for those who think, interpret and evaluate it. Gold accompanies the whole history of human culture, both tangible and intangible and it sets society a mirror of values and the meaning of life. An aura of preciousness emits around it, there is an invisible layer that surrounds it and we perceive it to the extent we are capable of at that point.

The ŠperkStret 2018 conference will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia from September 20th  to September 22th 2018.


Saturday, 22nd of September, 6 pm.
Peter Machata. Pendant: Amulet, 2018. Silver, corian, milk.. Peter Machata
Pendant: Amulet, 2018
Silver, corian, milk.
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Peter Machata. Pendant: Amulet, 2018. Pendant, silver, corian, plastic part.. Peter Machata
Pendant: Amulet, 2018
Pendant, silver, corian, plastic part.
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Jana Machatova. Brooch: Desire, 2018. Silver, paper, silverfoil, resin, zircons.. Jana Machatova
Brooch: Desire, 2018
Silver, paper, silverfoil, resin, zircons.
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Jana Machatova. Brooch: Couple, 2018. Silver, paper, silver foil, resin.. Jana Machatova
Brooch: Couple, 2018
Silver, paper, silver foil, resin.
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