13th Annual National Jewellery Student Competition

Exhibition  /  16 Jul 2016  -  03 Aug 2016
Published: 08.07.2016
Maude Lauziere Dumas. Necklace: Habitable Cavities necklace, 2016. Sterling silver, acetate, vinyl, cotton, leather. 45 x 17 x 3 cm. Photo by: Maude Lauziere Dumas. From series: Habitable Cavities. Maude Lauziere Dumas
Necklace: Habitable Cavities necklace, 2016
Sterling silver, acetate, vinyl, cotton, leather
45 x 17 x 3 cm
Photo by: Maude Lauziere Dumas
From series: Habitable Cavities
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The 2016 finalists for the 13th Annual National Jewellery Student Competition are: Maude Lauziere Dumas; Maria Gabrieleva, Yves Girard, Emma Piirtoniemi, and Anne-Sophie Vallée.  The finalists were selected from degree-granting institutions across Canada based on technical excellence, ingenuity, and strength of creative vision.