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Published: 26.01.2006

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genèric expo.
genèric expo

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Dogs love people, People love dogs, and the dog owner looks alike of the dog and the other way around. In every case the dog is mirroring the characteristics of the owner.
So as we decorated ourselves, we decorate and difference our dogs from others.
In New York’s Central Park you can find dogs with jogging suites of Paul Smith (English fashion designer). Maybe the Swedish are less exhibitionistic, but they show their identity also by their dog.
40 Students of the metal department: Ädellab, Konstfack have done a research on dogs and their owners. Dog psychological and art history on dogs was inspiring the makers.
40 dog owners are interviewed what the dog means for them self and how much they love their pets.
And how they want to decorate their dogs.
For all 40 dogs is made a piece of jewellery and will be shown at the Ädeldog Catwalk on Norrmalmstorg.