20 Spheres

Exhibition  /  25 Nov 2020  -  28 Nov 2020
Published: 25.11.2020
nOva art space
3 Saborna str

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Three artists representing three different artistic spheres gather together, united by one common passion: the limitless freedom of fantasy. At a glance, every piece of art invites you to an intimate conversation. Conversation with your own vivid imagination and innermost thoughts. One creation, yet a million perceptions.

Artist list

Amenun Geneva, Simeon Shomov, Ivo Stamenov
A total of 60 creations will be scattered around in 20 spaces - spheres, showcasing the mesmerizing artistic freedom of:
  • Ivo Stamenov OttO and his wooden lamps, bringing to you the warmth of the Sun at night
  • Simeon Shomov and his extraordinary jewelry-shaped tales made of silver, gold and stone. 
  • Amenun Geneva and her aquarelles (aqua prints with specially designed frames) immersing you in the depths of your craziest multicolor dreams
All will tell you their stories only so that you could hear your own.

Amenun Geneva:
Winnie the Pooh says that sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart! Relying on one of the wisest characters who touched my life, I decided to follow his heart.
With this collection of twenty paintings, sized 10/9 cm, you will be able to experience an adventure that opens the door to all the weird, beautiful, flying, loving, sacred moments that have sometimes made my heart race, and at other times made it stop- until the leaf reached its coveted stop - or fall in love with the truth! Some forgotten lives, from which spring forth new worlds, spaces and friends.

'I think I'll go down the other way,' she said after a pause: 'and perhaps I may visit the elephants later on'. -- Alice in Wonderland

Simeon Shomov:
Flying people, machines, birds and other animals, people with machines, birds without machines, horses with wings ... Some fly out of pure curiosity, others - out of love, others yet - of happiness, but what matters is to fly and even more importantly - to fly with a smile. Come and see these flying worlds, made with minute precision out of silver, gold and the odd stone - for luxury. Beautiful objects, the purpose of which is to make us smile and surround ourselves with positive energy.

Ivo Stamenov OttO:
-   Hello, sorry to bother you, but what a fantastic lamp could be made out of you! Your name will be Juliet, you will have stairs, a small window and I will even equip you with the best light bulb…
-   And I will call you 'I am here and I will wait for you.'
-   I think “The guardian of the Sun” is the most suitable name for You.

This is how Ivo Stamenov's meetings with random pieces of wood often happen. Whether he found them himself in the woods or an old friend brought them to him, it doesn’t matter. Then the courtship begins, the polite negotiations, the waxing with beeswax and ... Light!
Work by Simeon Shomov. .
Work by Simeon Shomov.

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Work by Amenun Geneva..
Work by Amenun Geneva.

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Work by Ivo Stamenov OttO..
Work by Ivo Stamenov OttO.

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