Exhibition  /  22 Mar 2007  -  14 Apr 2007
Published: 13.04.2007
Beatrice Lang Galerie für Schmuck
Beatrice Lang
Ruudt Peters. Brooch: Pneuma 9, 2000. Gold, polyester. 74 x 34 x 34 mm. Pneuma series. Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Pneuma 9, 2000
Gold, polyester
74 x 34 x 34 mm
Pneuma series
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Update of the exhibition with pictures of the opening.

Artist list

Ruudt Peters

Galerie Beatrice Lang proudly presents a choice of the work of Dutch jewellery artist Ruudt Peters, from the period 2000 till now.

Ruudt Peters (1950) is an artist with an international reputation. Since a few years he is professor at Ädellab Metal Department Konstfack University of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm (Sweden). From 1990-2000 he was the head of the jewellery department at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He is famous for his lectures, workshops and masterclasses. In 2000 he won the Françoise van den Bosch Award for Jewellery. His jewellery is in museum collections all around the world.
In the 1990s Ruudt Peters injected Dutch jewellery with new life. His free attitude towards religion, other cultures, antiquity, symbols and mysticism, and not to forget his free play with materials and techniques, was and still is very influential.

Each piece of jewellery by Ruudt Peters belongs to a family of related jewellery, connected by the ideas behind it and the materials or techniques by which they are made. These collections bear names like Pneuma, Iosis, Azoth and Sefiroth of which examples will be seen in this exhibition. The titles already express that a piece of jewellery by Ruudt Peters is more than mere ornament.
Since many years Ruudt Peters is interested in religions and cultures, in symbols and in mysticism. Alchemy has been the underlying idea behind his jewellery, since his Lapis collection of 1997. In his most recent collection Sefiroth (2006) a new thought is introduced, that of the caballa. His work is constantly in motion and yet it is always about change, about wear and aging and about the power and the finiteness of life.

One of the main characteristics of Ruudt Peters work is the free play with materials. Peters doesn’t follow any convention or trend. For him the making is what is most enjoyable even if the material he is working with is really messy. He likes the discovery of materials as well as the rediscovery of materials. Once he grinded gemstones to powder, or he covered silver and gemstones with paint or red lead. The manipulation of materials is like the manipulation of genetic material. In Pneuma ( 2000) the theme of manipulation is carried further on. The amorphous virginal white forms being reminiscent of embryos.

The jewellery of the Iosis (2002) and Azoth (2004) Collections, both names borrowed from alchemy, is made of layers of silver, cotton, polyurethane film and plastic. The Iosis pieces have a raw character. They are blood-red and cut open and in the layers inside the factor of time seems frozen. Ruudt Peters has made his own stones, as stratified as real minerals. The Azoth jewellery looks more cultivated, because of the silver architectural forms inside.

The latest work Sefiroth (2006) is inspired by the caballa. The tree of life, one of the most important symbols in the caballa, is the basic structure of all the pieces. Sefiroths are spheres, energies, ways of living. The titles of the brooches are the names of the different sefiroths. All titles refer to a certain characteristic of the human spirit, like ‘understanding’ or ‘wisdom’. These brooches are metaphors for our feelings and passions, and metaphors for life. The materials he uses in these brooches are very diverse like silver, glass, polyester, silk, photocopy, sulphur, coal and minerals. The glass is blown by an Amsterdam based craftsman.

Liesbeth den Besten

Ruudt Peters. Brooch: Nefesh, 2006. Silver, glass. 160 x 105 x 65 mm. Sefiroth series. Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Nefesh, 2006
Silver, glass
160 x 105 x 65 mm
Sefiroth series
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Ruudt Peters. Brooch: Kwarts, 2004. Silver, polyester. 65 x 24 x 32 mm. Azoth series. Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Kwarts, 2004
Silver, polyester
65 x 24 x 32 mm
Azoth series
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Ruudt Peters. Bracelet: Iosis 16, 2002. Silver, silk, polyester. 70 x 70 x120 mm. Iosis series. Ruudt Peters
Bracelet: Iosis 16, 2002
Silver, silk, polyester
70 x 70 x120 mm
Iosis series
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Ruudt Peters. Brooch: Iosis 3, 2002. Silver, silk, polyester. 60 x 30 x 30 mm. Iosis series. Ruudt Peters
Brooch: Iosis 3, 2002
Silver, silk, polyester
60 x 30 x 30 mm
Iosis series
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Ruudt Peters.
Ruudt Peters

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Ruudt Peters at the opening.
Ruudt Peters at the opening

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Ruudt Peters at the opening.
Ruudt Peters at the opening

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