Barbara Paganin and Patricia Lemaire

Exhibition  /  27 Mar 2009  -  16 May 2009
Published: 24.03.2009
Galerie Orfeo
Susy Ciacchini
Barbara Paganin. Bracelet: Foglia Primordiale, 2008. Green patinated silver. Barbara Paganin
Bracelet: Foglia Primordiale, 2008
Green patinated silver
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Barbara Paganin is fascinatted by the vigour and multitude of life in general and her own rich and prolific inner life, Patricia Lemaire "I create objects stories whose body is both the theatre and the actor." Both will be holding an exhibition together with their new works

Artist list

Barbara Paganin, Patricia Lemaire
Barbara Paganin
Graduation in Sculpture by Fine Arts Academy in Venice.
Since 1997 Barbara Paganini has participated in several group and solo exhibitions, in Europe and the United States.
In 2003 Barbara Paganin shows her work in the solo exhibition "Isole Hanish" in Galery Orfèo, Luxemburg and participates in the international exhibition "Schmuck'03" in Munich,Germany and in the exhibition "R5" in Reverso (December).
During her career Barbara Paganin is recognized with the attribution of several prices and her work is represented in public collections in Italy and abroad, like the Museum of Modern Art Ca'Pesaro, Venice, Italy; Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Holand; Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, France and the Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York, USA, among others

Patricia Lemaire
I create objects stories whose body is both the theatre and the actor.
Sometimes jewellery, faced with these creations reveal the body, emphasize its features or limitations.
Leaving the most precious materials, I draw in the daily elements of my items.
It is to express the fragility of life and femininity through research on contemporary jewellery that very quickly the natural elements have integrated my favourite materials.
Fragile (plants), poor (bone), misappropriated (peaks urchin, ...), then they find a new meaning, a strong poetic charge which in return expresses the tension, the sensuality, the danger.
These elements relate to both the ephemeral and the possible existence, they have taken over the appearance of what crossed my path gastronomic and social.
It is these frail remnants of life, I call. Diverting from their usual context, they take on new meaning. They take the body in improbable juxtapositions, sometimes on the verge of breakdown, calling or referring to an absent body, dream, dream.
Signs of life, full of contradiction between strength and weakness, attraction and repulsion, pain and stroke, sacrifice and offering. 

Barbara Paganin. Ring: Foglia Primordiale, 2008. Patinated silver. Barbara Paganin
Ring: Foglia Primordiale, 2008
Patinated silver
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Barbara Paganin. Brooch: Foglia Primordiale, 2008. Silver, glass. Barbara Paganin
Brooch: Foglia Primordiale, 2008
Silver, glass
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Patricia Lemaire. Object: Encore-L'Amour, 2008. Silver, gem. Patricia Lemaire
Object: Encore-L'Amour, 2008
Silver, gem
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Patricia Lemaire. Pendant: Porter la lavande, 2008. Mixed media. Patricia Lemaire
Pendant: Porter la lavande, 2008
Mixed media
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Patricia Lemaire. Ring: Fille du chene, 2008. Silver. Patricia Lemaire
Ring: Fille du chene, 2008
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