Beyond Material

Exhibition  /  12 May 2007  -  06 Jul 2007
Published: 04.05.2007
Susanne Klemm. Necklace: Untitled. Susanne, KlemmNecklace / neckpiece: Untitled. Susanne Klemm
Necklace: Untitled

Susanne, Klemm
Necklace / neckpiece: Untitled

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A travelling exhibition on jewellery | textiles | lighting | design products | new media.
(…)“For the occasion of the tenth anniversary of her gallery in Delft, Lous Martin set herself the aim to stimulate designers, and in particular jewellery designers, to look further than the customary lines. In the late sixties, jewellery designers let themselves be inspired by, at the time, new materials such as Perspex, rubber and anodised aluminium. However, nowadays the use of material by jewellery designers is more to bear meaning (or convey meaning) than innovative. Since the late sixties, besides gold, silver and gems, all kinds of materials are used in jewellery design ranging from paper to wood, and from titanium to zinc. Seldom jewellery designers try to invent new materials themselves, nor research innovative materials and their possible appliance, nor research new techniques. (…)
(…)Lous Martin’s request to explore new possibilities proved to be successful. Various jewellery designers discovered new application methods for available synthetic raw materials and materials. (…) Other jewellery designers were stimulated by the possibilities of techniques and the computer. (…)In the field of textile, small products and accessories more experimenting takes place with interesting new techniques and materials. In addition to all of the above, there are products in the exhibition made with the aid of relatively new technologies like laser sintering and laser cutting.
(…)Experiments with materials and the application of computerised techniques can add something new to products and jewellery, an extra layer of meaning that goes further than the concept that once was very popular. It appears that we are in the midst of a new era in which structure, texture, expression, tactility and emotion are central – in interior design, accessories and jewellery design. The lust to experiment is obvious and the results are full of creative power!”

by Liesbeth den Besten, in catalogue Beyond Material 

Curator : Lous Martin