Broca 1:11

Exhibition  /  03 Aug 2016  -  17 Aug 2016
Published: 11.08.2016

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The Broca Group consists of 11 artists who work and come together in São Paulo, developing their individual expressions in different artistic fields.

Artist list

Miriam Andraus Pappalardo, Silvia Beildeck, Thais Costa, Renata Meirelles, Samantha Ortiz, Renata Porto, Kika Rufino, Clau Senna, Marina Sheetikoff, Nicole Uurbanus, Maria Alves de Lima
The main objective of the Broca Group is to contribute and expand the cultural and institutional recognition of a specific jewelry production, which is defined by its artistic statute.  Along this line, the body no longer stands as a mere inert support for adornments in order to be alive; the essence being a continuous process of creation and transformation.  The jewelry is an active player in this process.

Dates and price

August 3rd, 2016
18:00 hrs - Presentation by Renata Porto, Renata Meirelles, and Kika Rufino
19:00 hrs - Opening of exhibition
Free Entry
The exhibition can be visited until August 17
Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) from 12:00 to 19:00 hrs
Marina Sheetikoff. Bracelet: Broca (Drill), 2016. Niobium. 15 x 2 cm. Marina Sheetikoff
Bracelet: Broca (Drill), 2016
15 x 2 cm
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Miriam Pappalardo. Bracelet: Entre, 2016. Newspaper and sewing thread.. 15 x 5 cm. Miriam Pappalardo
Bracelet: Entre, 2016
Newspaper and sewing thread.
15 x 5 cm
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Samantha Ortiz. Sculpture: Speak, 2016. Tin and hand painted cotton.. 6 x 9 cm. Samantha Ortiz
Sculpture: Speak, 2016
Tin and hand painted cotton.
6 x 9 cm
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Kika Rufino. Object: Meeting area, 2016. Rock crystal.. 9 x 9 cm. non-object. Kika Rufino
Object: Meeting area, 2016
Rock crystal.
9 x 9 cm
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Nicole Uurbanus. Necklace: Nolonger, 2016. Pearl, tracing paper, thread.. 25 x 40 cm. Nicole Uurbanus
Necklace: Nolonger, 2016
Pearl, tracing paper, thread.
25 x 40 cm
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