Causing Chaos

Exhibition  /  11 Sep 2010  -  31 Oct 2010
Published: 03.09.2010
Fife Contemporary Art & Craft’s
Angela Turner
Shari Pierce. Necklace: Cardboard Democracy, 2010. Discarded cardboard, leftover house paint, fake gold/silver chains. Shari Pierce
Necklace: Cardboard Democracy, 2010
Discarded cardboard, leftover house paint, fake gold/silver chains
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Featuring international craft and sculpture, the exhibition looks at how art objects may reference functional things but subvert function through ambiguity of use and meaning. The artist / makers have used unusual materials and techniques to create unique pieces – expect the unexpected.
Fife Contemporary Art & Craft (FCA&C) presents Causing Chaos at the Kinburn Gallery in St Andrews Museum from 11 September to 31 October. Curated by Scottish based artist Claire Barclay the exhibition brings together an international selection of ceramics, jewellery and small scale sculpture. Featured artists include Claire Barclay, Siobhan Hapaska, Johannes Nagel, Susanne Petzold, Shari Pierce, Jane Simpson, Richard Slee, Hans Stofer and Estela Saez Vilanova. Work will be shown in a specially commissioned sculptural display units devised by Claire Barclay with James Mclardy and Sam Kennedy.

As a sculptor who makes objects from varied processes and materials, Claire Barclay has been interested for a long time in the complex relationship between thinking and making. For Causing Chaos she has selected work by makers from different artistic backgrounds, and different countries in order to show the inter-disciplinary crossovers and the common concerns which inspire their work. All the sculptural objects included, regardless of whether they would usually be classified as craft or visual art, seem at first to suggest an everyday function. Looked at more closely their use and meaning becomes more ambiguous. These subversive works should intrigue and provoke discussion.

Some of the discussion will take place at a day symposium which will accompany the exhibition on Saturday 2 October. This will include artists from the exhibition led by ceramicist Richard Slee and sculptor Jane Simpson and an interactive element will be provided by Roddy Mathieson's Alchemy mobile foundry.

Visitors to the exhibition of all ages will be encouraged to try making their own objects in the museum's activity space and through a series of workshops. A publication is also being produced as a lasting element from the project with an essay exploring some of its themes by Stephen Feeke, Curator at the New Art Centre in Wiltshire.
Hans Stofer. Object: Emental, 2005. Milk jug, copper, stainless steel. Hans Stofer
Object: Emental, 2005
Milk jug, copper, stainless steel
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Johannes Nagel. Piece: Excavated, 2008. Cast porcelain. Johannes Nagel
Piece: Excavated, 2008
Cast porcelain
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Claire Barclay. Object: Cut in White, 2010. Machined brass, raw hid. Claire Barclay
Object: Cut in White, 2010
Machined brass, raw hid
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Richard Slee. Object: Pumpkin Pot, 1986. Earthenware. Richard Slee
Object: Pumpkin Pot, 1986
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