Cerchio Infinito by Fabrice Schaefer

Exhibition  /  24 Oct 2019  -  06 Dec 2019
Published: 08.10.2019

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In occasion of the Milano Jewellery Week, the gallery presents a solo show by the Swiss artist Fabrice Schaefer.
Rings are the essential jewels for Schaefer and a jewel doesn’t really count for him unless it caresses the body, the skin.

Artist list

Fabrice Schaefer
A ring is that secret force which means a simple gesture leaves a graceful trail; a certain something, the final touch to make your hand exist. The ring on your finger is a sign of belonging, the expression of a particular intimacy or a memory, a present, an alliance. Finding a balance between dimensions and design, volume and weight, matter and colour, everything must merge, balance and harmonize to perfection. Elements like the circle, the light and transformation are at the base of the artist’s work and wisely combining titanium and diamonds, gold and rust, Schaefer, as an ardent alchemist creates elegant wearable art works with a strong and unmistakable character.

Throughout the exhibition, a sound installation, created by the contemporary artist Lorenzo Morri, will bring us in a narrative path made of mysterious and harmonic sounds. Two disciplines such as art and contemporary jewelery, so close together but often considered distant, will merge to create a new and unusual dialogue.
Fabrice Schaefer. Necklace: Tubes, 2019. Titanium, textile.. Photo by: Fabrice Schaefer. Fabrice Schaefer
Necklace: Tubes, 2019
Titanium, textile.
Photo by: Fabrice Schaefer
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