Exhibition  /  21 May 2021  -  03 Jul 2021
Published: 04.06.2021

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There are a lot of Co-working spaces. Barbara Butz, Susanne Elstner, Karin Traxler, and Maja Vogl not only share a workshop but also work together. The idea behind this concept of CoWorking is the French philosopher Henri Bergson, who in his work “L‘evolution creatrice” coined the term “Elan Vital” or translated “Life swing”. Eugène Minkowski, on the other hand, defines “Elan Vital” as a directed striving towards the realization of an action or a work. But how a meander forms from the nature of the surroundings as the river flows, the artists react one to each other. In this way, mutual inspiration is taken up as an impulse in one's own work.