Digilog by Jee Hye Kwon

Exhibition  /  10 Jun 2017  -  10 Aug 2017
Published: 06.06.2017

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Jee Hye Kwon creates sculptural jewels that combine architectural, industrial and organic forms which are derived from the digital and analog world.

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Jee Hye Kwon

I have been contemplating digital and analog technology and how I could interpret this concept in my jewelry, merging these elements with my passion for the natural world.
For this collection of work I juxtaposed angular hard-edged industrial lines with organic forms reminiscent of barnacles.

I hand carved these round encrusted forms in wax and then cast them in copper. The finished castings were too slick so I reworked, cut, etched and sanded each copper element, soldering them to my industrial structures, designed to sway and move with the wearer. /
 Jee Hye Kwon
Jee Hye Kwon. Necklace: Phyloge-netic Tree, 2017. Oxidized silver, copper, paint.. Jee Hye Kwon
Necklace: Phyloge-netic Tree, 2017
Oxidized silver, copper, paint.
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Jee Hye Kwon. Earrings: Botanic, 2017. Silver, copper.. Jee Hye Kwon
Earrings: Botanic, 2017
Silver, copper.
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Jee Hye Kwon. Brooch: Anthoid, 2017. Oxidised silver, copper.. Jee Hye Kwon
Brooch: Anthoid, 2017
Oxidised silver, copper.
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