Dinnnner's readyyyy!... Or the learning of the mother's tongue by Agathe Saint Girons

Exhibition  /  07 Nov 2019  -  29 Dec 2019
Published: 29.10.2019

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Behind the apparent flightiness of the words that French mothers shout day in, day out, in this exhibition Agathe Saint Girons introduces us to her vision of the influence of her family life on her artistic career. As the jeweller says: "Before naming the pieces that make up this exhibition, I immersed myself in a deep reflection on my feelings of impatience, amazement, losing myself… I pondered on everyone’s place in the family and addressed my doubts on how to design my own family journey..."

Artist list

Agathe Saint Girons
The first original feature of this exhibition is to show jewellery that has sometimes been named before coming into the world and as an impulse to the creative act, a sort of catalyst of the desire to form, colour, adorn...

Fluctuating between humour and causticity, the pieces’ names are either keywords or a play on words in order to defuse the influence of the subject. They translate the long learning of the mother tongue. Resistance, for example, evokes both the opposition and the constancy necessary for raising children, Tourner en bourrique (to be running around in circles) or keyhole makes it possible to turn the annoyances of everyday life into sweetness and laughter. These new creations celebrate the power of women and the strength of Love. 

The second original feature of the exhibition is to showcase a series of jewelry-portraits created following a long conversation between Agathe Saint Girons and a sponsor. A jewel that evokes the future owner’s personality, his or her life and achievements while keeping secret that which is not to be revealed.

The exhibition À TAAABLE- DINNNNER’S READYYYY!!! will go on a world tour to reiterate the experience dating back to 1996, when her exhibition Philtre d'Amour or the pangs of the life of a woman in love toured through 7 capital cities over a 2-year period that proved to be a healing journey. 

About the artist:
Agathe Saint Girons has been breathing a Provencal exuberance into her creations for over 25 years. Created in a beautiful workshop overlooking the Marne river, her one-of-a-kind contemporary jewellery is always spectacular. They emerge from an on-going dialogue between concept and matter… Agathe Saint Girons notably exhibited at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (Exhibition MEDUSA), as well as at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs who bought one of works. Her creations have also been purchased by private collectors. 
Agathe Saint Girons. Bracelet: Resistance, 2018. Titanium. Agathe Saint Girons
Bracelet: Resistance, 2018
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Agathe Saint Girons. Ring: Tourner en bourrique, 2019. Titanium. Agathe Saint Girons
Ring: Tourner en bourrique, 2019
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Agathe Saint Girons. Ring: Tourner en bourrique, 2019. Titanium. Above view.. Agathe Saint Girons
Ring: Tourner en bourrique, 2019

Above view.

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Agathe Saint Girons. Necklace: Keyhole, 2019. Titanium, glass beads.. Agathe Saint Girons
Necklace: Keyhole, 2019
Titanium, glass beads.
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