Exhibition  /  13 Jul 2012  -  26 Jul 2012
Published: 04.07.2012
Whitespace Gallery
Jo Garner
Joanne Garner. Necklace: Pathways, 2012. Silks. Joanne Garner
Necklace: Pathways, 2012
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The Association for Contemporary Jewellery (ACJ) Edinburgh invites you to their upcoming exhibition of collaborative and new work by Edinburgh’s premier designers, at the Whitespace Gallery on Gayfield Square, 13th -26th July 2012.

Artist list

Aoife White, Caroline Cloughley, Claire Pouget Wright, Helen Chalmers, Fiona Hermse, Ian Nicholson, Joanne Garner, Jen Cunningham, Jaimie MacDonald, Jessica Howarth, Krzystof Borkowski, Lisa Arnott, Maira Toledo, Moira Warren, Nicola Turnbull, Rhona Hogg, Rosalind Andain
Eccentri:city will showcase a collection of collaborative, one-­off jewellery inspired by the City of Edinburgh. The collection, which has never been seen before, will reveal the jewellers' favourite places in and around the city and their personal responses to the different locations. Demonstrating originality and thoughtfulness their work promises to offer a unique glimpse of contemporary jewellery design emerging from Edinburgh today and as its name suggests Eccentri:city will be no ordinary show.

Among the 17 jewellers taking part is Rhona Hogg who uses aerial views, surface textures and what's hidden under the microscope as inspiration for her beautifully urban creations;; whereas, Claire Pouget Wright's designs playfully explore colour, texture and pattern through quirkily shaped squares of all sizes. All this and more will be available to enjoy and purchase for the duration of the exhibition.

Jo Garner
tel: 07964288400

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Krzystof Borkowski. Brooch: Spring Bloom, 2012. Silver, Fibre Optics, Citrine, Peridot, Tourmaline. Krzystof Borkowski
Brooch: Spring Bloom, 2012
Silver, Fibre Optics, Citrine, Peridot, Tourmaline
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Rosalind Andain. Ring: Layers of Edinburgh, 2012. Oxidized silver, gold plate. Rosalind Andain
Ring: Layers of Edinburgh, 2012
Oxidized silver, gold plate
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