Emily Hunt: Appendage

Exhibition  /  04 Feb 2010  -  25 Feb 2010
Published: 29.01.2010
Emily Hunt. Necklace: Spurt, 2010. Silicone rubber, wooden beads, linen thread.. Emily Hunt
Necklace: Spurt, 2010
Silicone rubber, wooden beads, linen thread.
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Emily Hunt's neck adornments explore memories and body using silicon, thread and beading. The exhibition opens the 4th of February 6 - 8 pm.

Artist list

Emily Hunt
Emily Hunt is a curious artist, creating wearable works that explore and mimic the body. Using silicon to represent skin and muscle, symbolically sewing and wrapping the exterior of the piece, her works create an eerie yet familiar sentiment. Visually and conceptually there is an element of the hidden or concealed as forms are wrapped and intertwined, intimately revealing one another. 

Other pieces provide abstracted representations of Australian flora while remaining true to nature’s structural forms. Throughout, the works enable Hunt to depict an idealised version of beautiful and playful childhood memories, bodies and relationships, while the use of a limited colour palate places the objects within fashion-centric borders.


Hear Emily talk exclusively about her work with Sofie Mallam on FBI's Canvas, tune in to 94.5FM at 10:20am  on Sunday Jan 31, for an aural journey of Emily's work.

Look out for the new metalab workshop program. Run by jeweller and educator Melinda Young, the program will feature one-off exhibitions and workshops with exhibiting artists, in addition to the Beginner and Intermediate Silversmithing Classes. Metalab kick the program off with the Valentines Day workshop on Feb 13, for more information visit Metalab's facebook page or call 8354 1398. Saturday Feb 6 is th first artist workshop with Djurdjica Kesic who will be presenting her Nomad exhibition in the gallery in February.