Enclosed Vistas by Osnat Har Noy

Exhibition  /  01 May 2015  -  21 Jun 2015
Published: 20.05.2015
UCCA Art Store
Florance Xia, Noga Zhang Shahar

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Froots&Nogart has tailored no fewer than four solo exhibitions for young jewelry designers in 2015. These exhibitions are traveling between 4 distinguished venues in China, Taiwan and Singapore. Ms. Osnat Har Noy’s “Enclosed Vistas” is one. 

Artist list

Osnat Har Noy
Architecture makes me observe and think of scale. Cities offer a range of services and opportunities and bring people to confined spaces: closed, airy, various space.  I create forms and shapes with a few lines to symbolize the city life: architecture, nets of roads and meeting points of streets and people…

Osnat Har Noy
Display of Osnat Har Noy pieces at the exhibition.
Display of Osnat Har Noy pieces at the exhibition

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