Fringe 2013

Exhibition  /  08 Nov 2013  -  18 Nov 2013
Published: 22.01.2015
Ubi Gallery
Machtelt Schelling
Ray Yan. Piece: Fly to another journey, 2013. Silver. Ray Yan
Piece: Fly to another journey, 2013
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Ubi Gallery presents an exhibition with a reunion of young Asian artists, as a side event of the 10 years Jewellery Festival of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

Artist list

Hugo Yeung, J.J. Wu, Xiao Liu, Noon Passama, Ray Yan, Shin Healim, Shulin Wu
Ubi Gallery will host exhibition in different buildings in Dashilar during the years 2012-13. Fringe will be the first exhibition in Yangmeizhu 39. The exhibition will showcase works from different young Asian artists and can be seen as an interesting side program, next to the events of the 10 years Jewellery Festival of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

Liu Xiao (CN)
Liu Xiao completed his bachelor and master at the Jewellery Department of CAFA in Beijing. Liu Xiao works with colored paper pulp, artificial stones, natural gemstones and silver. The strong colors, fascinating shapes and the variety of materials are balanced out in a very delicate way. The pieces reflect many layers, giving them a certain spirituality.
In some of his pieces he plays with the very visible artificial stones and at the same time hides tiny natural gemstones inside. It is as to challenge the other to look deeper and not be distracted by the easy beauty and shimmer, but to look for the real world behind it.

Ray Yan (CN)
Ray Yan studied jewellery design in Beijing, and also attended the Fashion Institute and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the Chinese capital. After graduating her work was nominated for several awards and competitions. Her work was presented at several exhibitions in China and different magazines covered her pieces. She started her own label hard candy and combines her own studio work with lecturing at CAFA for the jewellery department. Ray Yan feels attracted to the gothic subculture, to the dark atmosphere of death and to the liberating believe and feelings of new life after death. All are a source of inspiration for her work.

J.J. Wu (CN/HK)
Wu Jun Jin describes herself as a visual artist, working with jewellery. Although she finished her art education at CAFA Beijing and in Glasgow, she proudly calls herself an amateur. The pieces by J.J. are from the collection ‘Inner Peace’. She designed them after a trip to Shangri-La in Yunnan. Interested by the ethnic minority, nature and crafts, she created body-related objects in order to present ‘energy’ in a very abstract but at the same time organic manner. When you are visiting the highlands of Shangri-La you will notice that the air has less oxygen. It can bring visitors in a dreamy state of mind. This dreamy state, this peaceful inner world was J.J.’s source for this collection.

Shin Healim (KR)
Shin Healim is a very experienced jewellery artist from Korea. In her series of leather pieces, she creates perpetual looking shapes Leather is cut into thin pieces and repetitively quilted together as if weaving the organic material and time together. Leather as a skin itself reflects the change of time and the natural barrier between the living being and its environment. In this case the multiple layers of leather reflect the changes and isolation of time and space which the artist has endured and her determination to carry on with life. Her work results into pieces with amazing colours and subtle patterns of light and shade.

Hugo Yeung (HK)
Hugo Yeung is from Hong Kong and graduated in the UK in Metal work and Jewellery design. He has participated in numbers of exhibitions in England (V&A) and Hong Kong and won several awards with his designed pieces. He now combines working as a teacher at the jewellery design department of the Hong Kong Design Institute, with working on his own collections. The beauty of his work lies in the use of lines, geometric shapes and structures. He produces structures defined by a clear aesthetic principle. This mathematical approach is not too dominant, but results in balanced,elegant and harmonious pieces.

Noon Passama (TH / NL)
Noon Passama was educated as a professional designer in Bangkok and Amsterdam. Noon’s ability to connect with the design and fashion industry got her the Huygens Scholarship in 2011. Wearable emblems are archetypes and are her creative starting point. The ‘extra button series’ is a colorful installation of different brooches, with an industrial touch because of the use of car paint and perfect finish. The ‘extra button series’ is an ongoing project she started in 2011 on which she will keep adding new colors and forms. A button is a mass-produced object pinned on clothing carrying messages and therefore quite accessible and meaningful for the people who wear it.

Shulin Wu (TW)
This young artist from Taiwan lived in many different countries as Finland, Japan and France, before settling down in Taipei. On one hand she learns from the ancient Japanes metalsmithing technique, where the laminated layers of metal create a marbled effect. On the other hand she combines this with the technique Wedgewood used for its Jasperware collection. By hollowing the porcelain, several layers of pigmented porcelain will become visible. Shulin Wu combines those 2 techniques and creates earrings inspired by the girandole or chandelier-style, pieces that were popular in the 17th century. These motives were normally composed of gemstones. The cut and polished pieces of porcelain are her contemporary answer.
10 Years - RE: Jewellery Invitation.
10 Years - RE: Jewellery Invitation

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Shulin Wu. Earrings: Girandole, 2013. Porcelain, silver. Shulin Wu
Earrings: Girandole, 2013
Porcelain, silver
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J.J. Wu. Piece: Inner Peace, 2013. Oxidized fine silver. J.J. Wu
Piece: Inner Peace, 2013
Oxidized fine silver
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Shin Healim. Pin: Untitled, 2013. Leather, silver. Shin Healim
Pin: Untitled, 2013
Leather, silver
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Hugo Yeung. Ring: Untitled, 2013. 925 sterling silver (black). Hugo Yeung
Ring: Untitled, 2013
925 sterling silver (black)
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Xiao Liu. Brooch: The Core series, 2013. Paperpulp, gems, silver, mixed media. Xiao Liu
Brooch: The Core series, 2013
Paperpulp, gems, silver, mixed media
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Noon Passama. Button: Extra Button Series, 2013. Electroformed copper (plated with 18K gold, black rhodium, pink gold or platinum), car paint, plexiglas. Noon Passama
Button: Extra Button Series, 2013
Electroformed copper (plated with 18K gold, black rhodium, pink gold or platinum), car paint, plexiglas
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