Fusion by KollektivKraft at Vienna Jewellery Days

Exhibition  /  07 Nov 2018  -  10 Nov 2018
Published: 02.11.2018
Veresa Eybl. Ring: (D)Evolution, 2018. Silver 925. Photo by: Veresa Eybl. Mass-produced engagement ring, sepia casting.. Veresa Eybl
Ring: (D)Evolution, 2018
Silver 925
Photo by: Veresa Eybl
Mass-produced engagement ring, sepia casting.
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KollektivKraft is a young female art jewelry collective, they are based in Austria, founded recently in 2018, seeking to bring fresh impetus to the art jewellery scene. Interdisciplinary, feminist, radical, innovative and curious are the collective notions. Come and visit us for our debut exhibition “FUSION” during Wiener Schmucktage 2018.