Gems by Ivo Bistrichki

Exhibition  /  16 Apr 2015  -  30 Apr 2015
Published: 10.04.2015
Ivo Bistrichki. Painting: Untitled, 2015. Mixed media. 60 x 90 cm. Ivo Bistrichki
Painting: Untitled, 2015
Mixed media
60 x 90 cm
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By the occasion of celebration of Testa gallery’s 15th anniversary, Ivo Bistrichki presents six paintings related to the gallery’s new concept.

Artist list

Ivo Bistrichki
Like an object, a meteorite, a flight, a geometry, an angle, a form, an advertisement, an explosion, a reflection, a brilliance, a beam.

Ivo Bistrichki’s new art exhibition “Gems” has been specifically prepared for Testa gallery’s 15th anniversary and its thematic choice is parallel to the gallery’s new concept which includes the presentation of contemporary designer jewellery. The exposition, which comprises of six paintings, will be open for viewing April 18-30, 2015.