Exhibition  /  01 May 2004  -  29 May 2004
Published: 26.01.2006
Thessia Machado. : craca. rubber. variable dimensions. Thessia Machado
: craca
variable dimensions
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genèric expo.
genèric expo

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Thessia Machado
Thessia Machado (1967) is a Brazilian artist living and working in New York. Her first exhibition in the Netherlands will be presented in Amsterdam at HuisRechts// Art Project Space from May 1 through May 29 2004.

From a limited set of materials - paper, wire, string - the existing environment sustains a process of interference. The space is the host, the medium in which the pieces thrive. When pushed to its limit, the thoroughly familiar paper is exposed as a powerfully expressive sculptural medium. The relationships enacted by the materials reflect many different systems: human emotions, biological structures, patterns of immigration, anatomy.

The subject has various components: the nurturing of the relationship between the insider and outsider; the nesting in lacunae which actively spreads out erratically through the social fabric, creating contiguous and interwoven systems.
The transformed space of HuisRechts also hints at the artist’s experience as transmigrant.

Small monitors with videos are included in the installation. The videos literally animate these concepts and render temporality as material.

thr. to sat. // 02.00 - 06.00 PM
Thessia Machado. : guest. vellum paper, pins. variable dimensions. Thessia Machado
: guest
vellum paper, pins
variable dimensions
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Thessia Machado. : drwng. hair on vellum paper. 15 x 20 cm. Thessia Machado
: drwng
hair on vellum paper
15 x 20 cm
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Thessia Machado. : hung I. stones and vellum paper. variable dimensions. Thessia Machado
: hung I
stones and vellum paper
variable dimensions
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