Head by Kertu Vellerind

Exhibition  /  30 Jun 2023  -  18 Aug 2023
Published: 26.07.2023
Exhibition display.
Exhibition display

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An exhibition is a brief pause, an opportunity to take a breath before rushing forward in life once again. Artist Kertu Vellerind’s window exhibition will certainly turn heads and urge you to think with your head. Headlines have always been important to her, the titles of her work carry a strong message. As an Estonian, the artist worries about the fate of our small nation's mother tongue and enjoys the beautiful sound and multivalence of this language.

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Kertu Vellerind
"Might twist strangely a nail hit spot on its head, is the pencil sharp enough to cut the bread or the dough still too wet inside the head? Soon the headless man a bounty off his head shall lift head on - head off, for him it matters not are the shoulders topped by a cabbage or a pot? Two heads is what nothing will top!"
/Kertu Vellerind

Vellerind has explained that she mostly uses silver and “peakivi” (a play on “paekivi,” meaning limestone, but literally reads “headstone”) in her exhibition works. According to her, "peakivi" is incredibly beautiful, multifaceted, and we should be proud of it. Likewise, the artist does not shy away from Estonia's national jewellery heritage. Allegedly, to draw inspiration, she speeds around on spoked coin pendant wheels and occasionally gets lost in the forest.

Kertu Vellerind (1967) creates charmingly witty Estonian jewellery art. In 1997, she obtained a master's degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts, specializing in metal art. She has additionally studied in Finland and Germany. Since 1995, the artist has been working as a freelancer and is a member of the Estonian Artists' Association and the Estonian Association of Metal Artists. Vellerind has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Estonia and abroad, including Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Iceland, Belgium, Italy, and the United States.  In her own words, she mostly enjoys organizing solo exhibitions every five years, when a round number comes up once again. She has been recognized in several international competitions, and in 2018, she and Urve Küttner were awarded the Ede Kurrel Prize.

Dates: From 30th June to 13th August 2023
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10 am-6 pm. Saturday: 11 am - 4 pm.