Hotspots at the Park

Exhibition  /  30 Apr 2004
Published: 26.01.2006
Park Vienna
Florian Ladstätter. Piece2: Untitled. Florian Ladstätter
Piece2: Untitled
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genèric expo.
genèric expo

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Florian Ladstätter, Sonja Bischur
FLORIAN LADSTÄTTER and SONJA BISCHUR present their new collections of jewellery plus the results of an intriguing study in the visual perception of fashion and accessories.

With the technology of eyetracking, a person's focus of awareness can be traced while looking at images. The flow and intensity of the look is then visualised by superimposing it on the test images. This gives us an impression on how we visually perceive accessory in the context of fashion and the human body, and how strongly accessories can grab our attention.
Sonja Bischur. Piece2: Untitled. Sonja Bischur
Piece2: Untitled
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