I-Land exhibition: Off the Wall by Marie Grewenig

Exhibition  /  15 Jan 2019  -  23 Feb 2019
Published: 07.01.2019

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For my jewelry I use a means of expression which I know the best and is most intimate: my body. With it I can visualize gestures, sentiments and emotions which associate with different meanings.

Artist list

Marie Grewenig
I try to focus on parts, gestures or on actions which seem to be profane and self - evident. The resulting imprints of the body form new bodies which seem to be familiar but also strange and vague at the same time. With this detail I want to open up a new perspective and respond to the inherent beauty in the human form. It creates the urge to explore the shapes and find out what lies behind them.
/ Marie Grewenig.

Meet and Greet with Marie Grewenig and Niklas Link Tuesday the 29th January at 7pm.
Marie Grewenig. Ring: Nabel, 2019. Silver.. Marie Grewenig
Ring: Nabel, 2019
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Marie Grewenig. Necklace: Landschaftskoerper, 2019. Silver.. Marie Grewenig
Necklace: Landschaftskoerper, 2019
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