Ice. An exhibition of one piece each by 15 international jewelers

Exhibition  /  06 Dec 2003  -  28 Dec 2003
Published: 26.01.2006
Heller Gallery
Raissa Bump. : Brooch. 18k, silver, enamel, aquamarine. Raissa Bump
: Brooch
18k, silver, enamel, aquamarine
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genèric expo.
genèric expo

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Artist list

Johan van Aswegen, Jamie Bennett, Lola Brooks, Raissa Bump, Klaus Burgel, Noam Elyashiv, Donald Friedlich, Svenja John, Alyssa Dee Krauss, Seung- Hea Lee, Jacqueline Lillie, Barbara Seidenath, Sondra Sherman, Bettina Speckner, Petra Zimmermann
The inaugural presentation of SIENNA@HELLER is an exhibition of fifteen international contemporary jewelry artists who were selected by gallery owner and curator Sienna Patti. The artists were asked to create objects inspired by ice. They engage the idea in material, form, concept and color, while remaining true to their individual process and visual vocabulary. The fifteen artists (listed below) represent a cross section of the technically most sophisticated jewelry artists working today. They have been trained at such renowned institutions in the United States (Rhode Island School of Design, SUNY New Paltz) and in Europe (The Munich Academy of Fine Art, The Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna). While the use of materials range from precious metals and stones to enamel, glass, polycarbonate and ferrotype plates, the metalsmithing background the artists represented in this exhibition share carries through in their current work, regardless of their chosen medium. Body conscious, they create pieces which resonate with their intended wearer: Barbara Seidenath's rock crystal precipice jutting from the wearer's hand and Lola Brook's stainless steel pendant with it's diamond encrusted globe swaying from the body.
While technical sophistication is the trademark of all the pieces shown (and is a common quality of artists represented by Sienna Gallery), the artists come from four continents and range from emerging artists to leaders in the field of contemporary art jewelry whose work is collected by major museums all over the world.
Svenja John. : Brooch. Polycarbonate, steel. Svenja John
: Brooch
Polycarbonate, steel
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Barbara Seidenath. : Icy Ear Decoration. Silver, enamel, 24k, aquamarine. Barbara Seidenath
: Icy Ear Decoration
Silver, enamel, 24k, aquamarine
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Bettina Speckner. : Brooch. Ferrotype, silver, split raw diamonds. Bettina Speckner
: Brooch
Ferrotype, silver, split raw diamonds
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Petra Zimmermann. : Everest. Silver, dental plastic, rock crystal silver leaf. Petra Zimmermann
: Everest
Silver, dental plastic, rock crystal silver leaf
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