Inauguration Le Arti Orafe in Lucca

Exhibition  /  10 Dec 2006
Published: 05.12.2006
Le Arti Orafe Art Gallery Lucca

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Art Gallery has been founded to contribute to the diffusion of contemporary jewellery culture at an International level

Inauguration of the new branch of Le Arti Orafe ArtGallery in Lucca at 16.00 at Le Arti Orafe Academy.
At the ceremony, the spanish dancer Ana Arroyo will present two brief flamenco choreographies. 

The Arti Orafe ArtGallery is the exhibition space created to promote and spread awareness of contemporary experimental jewellery, an art-form that has for years enjoyed official recognition.

Over the last 40 years, thematic exhibitions have been presented exploring this subject, as well as annual events, specialized fairs and galleries, mainly in Central Europe and in Britain.

In these countries, these jewels form part of important museum collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich and the Musée des arts décoratifis in Paris…The idea of the gallery was born inside the experience of Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School, and founded by Giò Carbone, director of the school and of the gallery.

The gallery is dedicated to jewellery seen as ornament for the body, expression of a creative personality and the result of continuous experimentation with form, materials, techniques and contents. A jewel that is the recognisable result of its creator and the identifying mark of the person who chooses and wears it: a work of art that reflects the contemporary spirit.

ArtGallery hosts collective thematic exhibitions and one-man shows for established artists, but also aims to open itself to emerging young talent, to designers and students, and so play an active role in supporting and spreading the work of new talent. It intends becoming a meeting place for discussion and exchange, with the organisation of debates and conferences and with the foundation of a library dedicated to the creation of contemporary jewellery. 

Artists present in the collection:
Helen Britton, Diana Dudek, Maria Rosa Franzin, Claudia Hoppe, Nel Linssen, Lim Jae-Yeop, Myung Hae Kim, Bruno Martinazzi, Marlene McKibbin, Xavier Ines Monclùs, Silina Pantelidou, Carla Riccoboni, Barbara Schmidt, Ralf Stautner, Janna Syvanoja, Terhi Tolvanen, Barbara Uderzo, Annamaria Zanella.