Jewellery by Fabrice Schaefer

Exhibition  /  05 Feb 2005  -  02 Mar 2005
Published: 08.05.2006
Fabrice Schaefer. Ring: Untitled. 18 ct gold and iron. 2000. Fabrice Schaefer
Ring: Untitled
18 ct gold and iron
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genèric exposició.
genèric exposició

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Artist list

Fabrice Schaefer
Jewellery artist, Co-director of Tactile Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland ( and teacher at the Academy of Applied Arts. His work has been exhibited in many European countries as well as in Russia, the USA and Japan.

The idea of “transformation” is a key element in much of my work. This experimental approach has nothing to do with scientific curiosity; it is the “game” aspect that interests me. Crushing, immersing and recovering are the manipulations omnipresent in my work and most evident in these wearable pieces.
In a previous series, I aimed to reflect the diversity of the floral world. By association, I started working with “zinc flowers”. This term refers to the patterns
which appear at the surface of iron, coated with zinc. The gold rings are soaked in the resin and iron, which reinforces the wires and welds both ends of the ring.
The evocation of a flower merges with that of the roots. The two extreme parts form a junction in every sense.


CV of Fabrice Schaefer

1969 born in Geneva, Switzerland

1993-1996 Academy of Applied Arts, Geneva (CH). Jewelry and Art Objects Department, Professor Esther Brinkmann (diploma).

from 1996 Independent jeweler

1998 Assistant, Academy of Applied Arts, Geneva. Jewelry and Art
Objects Department

1998 Opening TACTILe, Geneva, in collaboration with G. Jaccard

from 2000 Teacher. Academy of Applied Arts, Geneva.Jewelry and Art
Objects Department.

Exhibitions (selection)
solo exhibition, Hnoss gallery, Goteborg (S)

L’or bijoux d’Europe, St Amand-Montond (F)
Contact international Jewelery conference, Massart, Boston (USA)
Schmuckszene ‘04, Munich (D) (c)
Collect 04, V&A Museum London (UK)

Gioilli d’art Museo Vela, Ligornetto (CH)
Galerie Hélène Porée correspondance, Paris, (F)
Gisich Art gallery, Saint Petersburg, (Russia)
KORU 1 Lappeenranta, (FI) (c)

le bijou suisse au 20e siècle ,Musée d’art et d’histoire,Genève, (c)
Schweizer Schmuck im 20jh, Landesmuseum, Zurich, (CH)
Micromegas.Bayerisher Kunstgewerbe-Verein. Munich (D), New York (USA), Genève (CH), Tokyo (JP) (c)

Schmuckszene ‘01, Munich (D) (c)
Mikromegas. Munich (D), New York (USA) (c)
Art Fair Sofa, New York (USA)
Parures d’ailleurs, parures d’ici. Winterthur (CH)
L’infini. Gallery Vice Versa. Lausanne (CH)
Centre d’arts en île. Genève (CH)

Kunst hautnah, Künstlerhaus, Vienna (A) (c)
Art Fair Sofa, New York (USA)
Contemporary art center, Utrecht (NL)
Fleurs de zinc, TACTILe, Geneva (CH) (solo)
Parures d’ailleurs, parures d’ici. Mu.dac, Lausanne (CH)(c)
Art Fair Sofa, Chicago (USA)
Galerie First Row, Basel (CH)
Bourse Lissignol, Centre d’art contemporain, Genève (CH)

Schmuckszene ‘99, Munich (D) (c)
Fin de journée, et ainsi de suite, TACTILe, Geneva (CH)
Decorative Arts Museum, Lausanne (CH)
Gallery Marcolongo, Padova (I)
Contemporary art center, Utrecht (NL)

Applied Arts Federal Competition, Basel (CH) (c)
Hélène Porée Gallery, Paris (F) (with C. Chotard)
TACTILe, Geneva (CH)

Decorative Arts Museum, Lausanne (CH) (c)
Gallery a, Geneva (CH) (solo)
V and V Gallery, Vienna (A)
Talentbörse Handwerk, Munich (D) (c)
Michèle Zeller Gallery, Bern (CH)
Ipsofakto Gallery, Lausanne (CH)
Millenium, International Jewelry Art Exhibition, Tallinn (E) (c)

Michèle Zeller Gallery, Bern (CH)
Swiss Craft Council, Bern (CH) (c)*
Gallery a, Geneva (CH) (c)

Cantonal Foundation of Decorative and Visual Arts, Geneva (prize)

Applied Arts Federal Competition (laureate)

Bourse Lissignol, Geneva (laureate)
Public collection
Clock and Enameling Art Museum, Geneva (CH)
Pinakothek der Modern Münich (D)

Publications (selection)
- Le bijou suisse au 20ème siècle. La bibliothèque des arts. 2002.
- Fax@culture. SR Television program, June 2002
- L'art du bijou évolutif. Dossier de presse du Musée d’art et d’histoire. 05.02
- De la fleur au fusil. Form Forum, 4/2000
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Genève, 9.11.00
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*(c) – catalogue
Fabrice Schaefer. Ring: Untitled. 18 ct gold and iron. 2000. Fabrice Schaefer
Ring: Untitled
18 ct gold and iron
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Fabrice Schaefer. Ring: Untitled. recomposed aluminium, white gold, topaz. 2003. Fabrice Schaefer
Ring: Untitled
recomposed aluminium, white gold, topaz
© By the author. Read Copyright.