Kaleidoscope: A World of Color

Exhibition  /  02 Dec 2015  -  10 Jan 2016
Published: 09.12.2015
Yu-Ping Lin. Brooch: Kaleido: Sea Creature, 2013. Polyster felt, polyester, mixed media.. Yu-Ping Lin
Brooch: Kaleido: Sea Creature, 2013
Polyster felt, polyester, mixed media.
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An annual exhibition featuring the work of internationally celebrated artists who make one-of-a- kind, wearable, colorful, and fun hand- crafted jewelry. This years exhibition presents jewelry in a broad spectrum of colors and made from a wide variety of materials and techniques, including vintage LEGOs, 3D printed nylon, felt, resin, spray- painted steel, and embroidered silk organza and steel.