Kirsten Haydon: ice structure

Exhibition  /  24 May 2011  -  18 Jun 2011
Published: 05.05.2011
Kirsten Haydon. Object: Ice objects, 2010. Copper, enamel, reflector beads. Kirsten, HaydonObjects: Ice objects, 2008-10Copper, enamel, reflector beads. Kirsten Haydon
Object: Ice objects, 2010
Copper, enamel, reflector beads

Kirsten, Haydon
Objects: Ice objects, 2008-10
Copper, enamel, reflector beads

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(...) Kirsten Haydon has explored Antarctica through jewellery and object making.  Her practice has considered the structures and palette of the icy continent's forbidding terrain, its wildlife and the impact of human activity upon it. (...)