Last by Caroline Gore

Exhibition  /  15 Jun 2019  -  13 Jul 2019
Published: 06.06.2019
Caroline Gore. Necklace: To mend with, 2019.  Borosilicate glass, 18k gold, hematite, silk, leather, thread.. Caroline Gore
Necklace: To mend with, 2019
 Borosilicate glass, 18k gold, hematite, silk, leather, thread.
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A new series that investigates the chasm between remembering and forgetting and the devise of forming ideas through the acts of mending and alteration. A “last” is an industrial tool, similar in form to an anvil, upon which shoes are constructed. Each size and style requires a specific last, and although the shoe-making process is repetitive, this method marks time and, consequently, a feeling of reoccurring timelessness that is mirrored in the repeated forms and other signifiers inherent in the outcome. This common, time-honored technique inspired "last", the latest manifestation of Gore’s philosophically poignant aesthetic.