Lucia Massei: Unforgettable

Exhibition  /  21 Jan 2012  -  20 Feb 2012
Published: 13.01.2012
Lucia Massei. Necklace: Ophelia, 2011. Silver, fine gold, yellow gold 18 kt, pigments. Lucia Massei
Necklace: Ophelia, 2011
Silver, fine gold, yellow gold 18 kt, pigments
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(...) Lucia Massei’s jewels envisage distant latitudes, unknown attire, hardly-heard languages that seem to come from a time we fear we’ve lost yet we’re happy to keep impressed in our memory.
They are feminine in the sense of nature, namely possessing generous forms. They are not accessories, they are matchless, they are what we are, they are one with those who wear them. (...)