Nothing really fits but we're talking about outfits

Exhibition  /  17 Sep 2008  -  18 Oct 2008
Published: 12.09.2008

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When there is something that doesn’t fit together it is quite close to reality, and it is again easier to talk about the bigger picture. The people, the clothes and the jewellery.

Artist list

Sonja Boessert, Volker Atrops, Brigitte Schorn
Sonja Boessert is tailor and has studied Fashion.
Volker Atrops is goldsmith and has studied Jewellery.
Brigitte Schorn is fashion designer and has trained as a goldsmith.

All three work in parallel - and in dialogue with each other, since they can not avoid an interest in the second discipline.

In this way, they constantly work to complement each other, which draw on the same theme or fit together - as oil pearls in soup…! The exhibition will show examples of this.

Fashion designers Boessert / Schorn present their collections at fairs in Berlin, Paris and Tokyo.

Volker Atrops presents his works in Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo, New York… and in his Garden.