The Order of Beauty by Tina Rath

Exhibition  /  14 Jul 2018  -  05 Aug 2018
Published: 13.07.2018
Tina Rath. Wall piece: The Order of Beauty No. 7, 2018. Pen & 23k gold on paper.. 55 x 55 cm. Tina Rath
Wall piece: The Order of Beauty No. 7, 2018
Pen & 23k gold on paper.
55 x 55 cm
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Nine drawings and nine pieces of jewelry that take inspiration from the Islamic usage of geometry and pattern to elevate the mind. In the Islamic world, these visually rich forms, most often seen in mosques and spiritually important areas, are intended to remind us of the infinite beauty and expansion of the Universe. For Rath, the pursuit of beauty feels like a necessary and radical act and the order and structure of the layers provide solace and hope in an increasingly chaotic and unstable world.