Paintings & Ceramics by Jody Guralnick

Exhibition  /  14 Sep 2019  -  31 Oct 2019
Published: 11.10.2019

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I am an artist, accustomed to working on canvas and paper, but one day I stumbled upon beautiful unglazed Italian ceramics – blank white and ready to be painted and transformed. I thought about what I would like in my house, what would delight, amuse, and engage my senses.

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Jody Guralnick
I learned as I experimented, and when guests started to buy the plates off my table, a new project was born. Every piece is unique, front and back, and hand patterned, painted, glazed, and fired in my studio. I delight in the differences in every place setting, so that each stack of dishes, each place at the table, has its own poetry.