Philip Sajet at Kunsthandel Inez Stodel

Exhibition  /  24 Sep 2010  -  02 Oct 2010
Published: 15.09.2010

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Kunsthandel Inez Stodel cordially invites you to the Fall Exhibition for the occasion of OPEN! 2010. We will show artworks by Philip Sajet and our latest acquisitions that will be posted on the website at the same time.

Artist list

Philip Sajet
In 1977 - when the first snow fell - Philip Sajet decided to make jewellery. Nine years later he had his first solo exhibition and now his work is shown at Kunsthandel Inez Stodel for Sajet's 39st solo exhibition.

Philip Sajet was born in 1953 in Amsterdam. His father was Dutch, but his mother, whose father was a jeweller in Paris, came from France. A few years ago Sajet and his wife moved to the South of France, where they are both goldsmith.

Sajet has his own vision of his craft "Jewels are small objects that you wear on the skin, that cheer you up, adorn us and to show our necessary vanity". In his clearly defined area of rings, necklaces and earrings Sajet shows us his groundbreaking designs. Sajet is honored that his work is shown in a jewellery loving environment for the first time.

We have chosen Philip Sajet because his jewels are works of art that show a lot of craftsmanship, love and humour. They are contemporary but go back to the basis of the art of jewellery.

You will see large minerals, glass and pearls with a lot of colored enamel. The shape of diamonds often returns in different guises. For us there are many surprises, not only in Sajet's view of his craft but also in how he gives this expession.

In 2011, the CODA museum in Apeldoorn will stage a Sajet retrospective.

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