Exhibition  /  07 May 2007  -  12 May 2007
Published: 11.05.2007

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(...) Beyond each designer’s individual approach to jewellery, the above artists introduce a unique concept in the area of modern design. (...)
Between the 23rd-26th February 2007, six Cypriot Contemporary Jewellery designers:

Kristina Apostolou, Constantinos Kyriacou, Christina Pitsillidou , Skevi Afantiti, Panayiotis Panayi, Gianna Argyrides.
Had the privilege to show their individual creations at INHORGENTA, with kind support from the Cypriot Ministry of Trade and Tourism. INHORGENTA, the largest international Jewellery Design Exhibition of its kind, takes place annually in Munich, Germany, and gives the unique opportunity to designers from all over the world to come together and to show their works to a broad audience in the highly distinguished ‘design podium’ hall.

Beyond each designer’s individual approach to jewellery, the above artists introduce a unique concept in the area of modern design. Coming together to express the feel of a group existence in the jewellery field in Cyprus, the designers will be presenting their collections shown in INHORGENTA, at ARGO gallery for six consecutive days, between Monday 7th- Saturday 12th May. 


Artists Statements:

Constantinos Kyriacou
I was led to create this collection, not by passion itself as it can be exposed, nor by its absence, but by its existence as an inner “in-formation” struggling to be expressed.

Expression in pure form is the beginning of a circle, no matter what the subject is, nor the way something is expressed. Then pushed by external factors, the expressed becomes veiled, and ultimately passes to invisibility, at which point it has to be detached again from any limitation. That is the transitional point where expression of passion urges to be exposed. And that is the point on which RED collection is focused.

Christina Pitsillidou
The new collection by Christina Pitsillidou is inspired by the whimsical yet surreal characters in nature. Animal shapes are derived mainly from their relation to the human body but they also stand alone as mini sculptures. Their unconventional shapes make them suitable characters for an adult fairy tale which attempts to fight for saving the extinguishing species.

Yianna Argyrides
Designing and creating jewellery is an art form that allows me to sink into my inner self, and re-emerge. Feelings, experiences and situations are triggering and inspiring me to create. Texture and movement are an essential part of my work! This art work on the body becomes alive bringing out its uniqueness. Gold, silver, stones and gems are the language of this art, while other materials are sometimes added to achieve the perfect accent.

Panayiotis Panagi
The harmonic teamwork between six artists with a common cause, the free communication of the whole as much as the multi-dimensional experiences that I had in INHORGENTA, Munich, led to new questions, whilst simultaneously resolving issues regarding the true nature of Contemporary Jewellery. This journey of exploration and specification inspired me to create the collection ‘Strike’.

Skevi Afantiti
On the counterpoise of concepts
Balance between line and body
Jewels made with soft materials like thread and hard like metal

Kristina Apostolou
The contradictory nature of the two basic materials used in the ‘YLYR...sinama” collection (silver, sinammai) reflects the harmonic balance created between them. The unique way they work together breathes life into small sculptures/ jewellery.
The simplicity of the fine silver line that defines each piece, initially limiting the movement, also acts as a platform for the natural material to form and move freely. 


Opening Date: Monday 7th May, 8pm

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Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm
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