Skin Case

Exhibition  /  15 Feb 2007  -  15 Mar 2007
Published: 01.05.2007
Pedras & Pêssegos
Carla Castiajo
. Black Diamond: video still.
Carla Castiajo
Black Diamond: video still

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Collective show inside 2ndSKIN cork jewellery presents images of the exhibition at Hugo Madurerira's Blog.

The new extension of Pedras & Pêssegos will present on the next 15th February, about 19.30 p.m., the collective show with the following authors: Carla Castiajo, Eija Mustonen, Kädri Malk, Leonor Hipólito, Manuel Vilhena, Pedro Sequeira, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Tanel Venree and Theo Smeets, guest participants of the 2nd Skin cork jewellery Symposium.

Beside it’s commercial target, the store Pedras & Pêssegos works like a platform to spread new artistic projects on the field of contemporary jewellery, photography and design. Opened on the late 23rd September, presents works of artists like Carla Castiajo, Gemma Drapper, Barbara Uderzo, Javier Moreno Frías, Jíro Kamata, Leonor Guedes, Karin Seufert, Lidija Kolovrat, Lin Cheung, Marc Monzó, Mikiko Minewaki, Pedro Sequeira, Peter Skubic, Sari Liimatta, Sebastian Buescher, Svenja Jonh and Ted Noten, and also the photographic works of André Cepêda and Carlos Lobo.

Offered by Pedras & Pêssegos the party will continue on 16th February, Friday, in the Cinema Passos Manuel - located on the Coliseu do Porto Building, Rua Passos Manuel.