Solo exhibition by Joke Schole

Exhibition  /  01 Apr 2007  -  30 Apr 2007
Published: 13.03.2007
cAg - Contemporary Art Gallery
Joke Schole. Brooch: Untitled. Joke, ScholeBrooch. Joke Schole
Brooch: Untitled

Joke, Schole

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Schole (...) knows to create a beautiful balance between traditional and non traditional techniques (...).

Joke Schole
has a special feeling for delicate and different materials, which she arranges to an artistic product with an own identity. She makes things that others can' t. We can compair the work of Joke Schole with artists in former times, who where the only one knowing how and what they created, with there own techniques and recipes, soul and spirit. She started after her study at the Rietveld Academie in 1985, and since then she made a multidicsiplinair work which has everything to do with a contemporary feeling.

With lots of experiments she knows to create a beautiful balance between traditional and non traditional techniques. She worked for several important designers, forcastings and manufacturers and won several prices. Her bags are amazing miracles of wearable witticism, absolutely personal in which she shows dreams, fairly tails or love announcements in a special environment.

She makes old new and some new things can look very old. Not only her bags, but also her jewellery, her paintings and textile, they' re all one family under the name "Joke Schole". A special family, which prooves a remarkable imagination and who tells about her point of view in the new moving times.

Frans Duister (former chief editor Art Magazine Kunstbeeld).