Alchimia 2019 Master & Bachelor.

Specimen: Upon Closer Inspection by Leah Hardy

Exhibition  /  12 Jun 2014  -  13 Jul 2014
Published: 06.06.2014
Leah Hardy. Piece: Samsāra, 2013. Cast bronze, fabricated brass and copper, patina. 7 x 28 x 9.5 cm. Leah Hardy
Piece: Samsāra, 2013
Cast bronze, fabricated brass and copper, patina
7 x 28 x 9.5 cm
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Gray Street Workshop is pleased to be presenting the intriguing work of Leah Hardy in her solo exhibition- Specimen: Upon closer inspection."Much of the conceptual and aesthetic impetus for my artwork has been derived from interest in ritual objects, shrines and talismans—the intersection of the sacred and the secular."